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Ruta del Peregrino – Lookout Point by HHF Architects

Project: Ruta del Peregrino Designed by HHF Architects Team: Herlach Hartmann Frommenwiler with Alexa den Hartog, Janna Jessen Client: Secretaria de Turismo, Gobierno deJalisco Location: State of Jalisco, Mexico Website: A lookout point on the famed Ruta Peregrino designed on a remarkable location … Read More

Redesign of the Old GSP Area by Theo. David Architects

Project: Redesign of the Old GSP Area Designed by Theo. David Architects Location: Nicosia, Cyprus Website: Theo. David Architects delivers a design for a new urban space in the city of Nicosia with their project for the Redesign of the Old GSP Area, creating a … Read More

Paris la Defense CBD by AWP

Project: Paris la Defense CBD - Jardins de l’Arche Designed by AWP Project responsible: Alessandra Cianchetta, Matthias Armengaud Team AWP: Marc Armengaud, Matthias Armengaud, Alessandra Cianchetta, Irene Bargués, Juan Garrido, Miguel La Parra Knapman Net floor area: 71 044 sqm Client: Epadesa Location: Paris, France … Read More

Dalian Minzhu Plaza by Leigh & Orange Design

Project: Dalian Minzhu Plaza Designed by Leigh & Orange Design Location: Dalian, China Website: Leigh & Orange Design with their project for Dalian Minzhu Plaza create a new landmark for this fast-growing Chinese City. For more of the project continue after the jump:

Kossuth Square by Sagra Architects

Project: Kossuth Square Designed by Sagra Architects Project team: Gábor Sajtos, Péter Virág, András Páll, Gabi Vastagh Project area: 101000 sqm Location: Budapest, Hungary Website: Hungary based Sagra Architetcs share their splendid solution for Kossuth Square in Budapest, using an engaging design sentiment they manage to … Read More

Plaza del Milenio by EXP Architects

Project: Plaza del Milenio  Designed by EXP Architects Public Spaces and Landscape architecture: EXP Architects – Antoine Chassagnol, Nicolas Moskwa, Maxime Vicens Development: EXP Architects & DAD Arquitectura - Sara Delgado Vazquez, Juan Carlos Delgado Bridge: EXP Architects & DAD Arquitectura Construction company: SACYR Project Area: 10 000sqm Client: Ayuntamiento … Read More

Revitalization of the Chernobyl Zone by ZA Architects

Project: Revitalization of the Chernobyl Zone and Development of the Tourist Infrastructure Designed by ZA Architects Architect: Ageeva Arina Consultants: Konstantin Bondarenko, Dmitry Zhuikov Location: Chernobyl zone, Ukraine Area: 2252 sqkm Website: ZA Architects create an interesting project for the Revitalization of the Chernobyl Zone and Development … Read More

The Patient Gardener by visiondivision

Project: The Patient Gardener Designed by Visiondivision Partners in charge: Anders Berensson & Ulf Mejergren Curators: Laura Daglio & Oscar Bellini  Students/Architects/Builders: Rachele Albini, Giada Albonico, Jacopo Biasio, Sara Caramaschi, Elisa Carraro, Desislava Dimitrova, Cristina Gatti, Elisa Gulino, Mariya Hasamova, … Read More

Larnaca Port and Marina in Cyprus by Scott Brownrigg

Project: Larnaca Port and Marina Designed by Scott Brownrigg Location: Cyprus Website: An impressive design by Scott Brownrigg shapes the image of Larnaca Port and Marina,  the complex takes a massive scope of 250,000 square meters. For more images and architects description continue after the … Read More

Beijing Core Area Plan by Brininstool Kerwin & Lynch

Project: Beijing Core Area Plan Designed by Brininstool Kerwin & Lynch Consultants: Arup, Civil Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure Design Project Area: 142 000 sqm Building: 2 200 000 sqm Location: Beijing, China Website: Brininstool Kerwin & Lynch find a new way to shape the 142,000 … Read More

Shams Laisure Park by Chapman Taylor

Project: Shams Laisure Park Designed by Chapman Taylor Location: Rehaan City, Jordan Website: Internationally renowned and present Chapman Taylor architecture firm takes on a task of designing the massive masterplan for the Shams Leisure Park in Jordan. For more images and architects … Read More

Campus International School by Organic Scapes and Architecture

Project: Campus International School Designed by Organic Scapes and Architecture Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA Website: An education bee hive might lay behind Organic Scapes and Architecture's inspiration for the design of Campus International School in Cleveland, what many forget is the importance of creating an … Read More