Aalto Vase, by Herzog & de Meuron

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Eikongraphia: "For the University of Cottbus in Eastern Germany the Swiss architect Herzog & de Meuron designed a University Library. The design seems to refer to the Glass Skyscraper Project that Mies van der Rohe did in 1922 in Berlin, Germany.

Some time later the Finnish Modernist architect Alvar Aalto designed his Aalto Vase. That was 1937.

Interesting is that the glass skyscraper by Mies has clear glass, that reflects – in the interpretation by K. Michael Hays in his essay ‘Between culture and form’ – the (nervous) city. The design by Herzog & de Meuron uses a less tranparant glass with a print of numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.). Funny is that the tranparant versions of the vase by Aalto gives us a peak inside; you can watch the fish, flowers, etc. The already sculptural form in every three cases is enhanced by the properties of the used glass."

The amazing Prada Epicenter from Tokyo featured in one of the previous posts, is also a project of Herzog & de Meuron.

source/credits: http://www.eikongraphia.com/


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