• Design Harmony: Inside Zhang Haihua’s Lake Tai Villa

    At Jiangsu Province’s Lake Tai, Design Director Zhang Haihua merges Eastern elegance with contemporary design in a 1,000-square-meter project, creating a serene ambiance.This fusion of classical aesthetics and modern architecture centers around a tranquil courtyard, integrating nature with interior spaces. Guided by minimalist principles, Haihua harmonizes Western modernism with Oriental refinement, creating an immersive experience […] More

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  • Inside ZOO Architects’ Otter Project: Redefining Urban Spaces

    Established in 2018, ZOO Architects stands as an exemplar of innovative architectural design, with a presence rooted in the vibrant urban landscapes of Shanghai and Tianjin, China, and extending its influence to London, U.K. As a multidisciplinary studio, ZOO Architects offers a spectrum of services ranging from urban design and architecture to interiors, master planning, […] More

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  • Tuckey Design Studio Reveals Insights into 12 Hans Road Restoration

    Tuckey Design Studio has orchestrated a remarkable transformation within the historic confines of 12 Hans Road, infusing warmth and domesticity into the previously segmented Grade-II listed office building in Knightsbridge. Originally crafted by AH Mackmurdo in the 19th century, the townhouse had undergone a drastic metamorphosis in the 1980s, partitioned into individual offices with stark […] More

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