• CCD

    Archiscene Talks to CCD about their Mumian Chengdu Project

    In the heart of the bustling 24 City district in Chengdu, a remarkable project has breathed new life into the memories of Factory 420, paying homage to the city’s rich history while embracing the spirit of modernity. Mumian Chengdu, a project brought to life by CR Land and designed by CCD, honors the enduring legacy […] More

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  • Jin'ang Yang

    Archiscene Talks to Jin’ang Yang about the White Crane Lake Visitor Center

    White Crane Lake, a picturesque oasis nestled in the heart of Jiangxi Province, has long been celebrated for its serene ambiance, bamboo-lined shores, and stunning panoramic vistas. Now, this tranquil natural wonder is set to receive a stunning addition that seamlessly blends modern architectural elegance with the splendor of nature – the White Crane Lake […] More

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  • Archiscene Talks to Chris Shao about the EHB Restaurant Project

    Chris Shao Studio has completed works on his latest hospitality project, EHB (short for Chef Esben Holmboe Bang: in Shanghai’s French Concession district. This culturally rich neighborhood, steeped in architectural history, serves as the perfect backdrop for this three-story high-end dining establishment. Drawing inspiration from the nearby consulates and grand residences, EHB’s initial design and continuous […] More

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  • SENAA architekti

    Aquapark Kyjov by SENAA architekti

    The Aquapark Sport and Relaxation Center began with a modernization of the outdoor public swimming pool and now has a newly-built indoor swimming pool to complement it

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