• #INTERVIEW: Paulo Merlini Architects about ABIDJAN TOWER

    This time we talked with PAULO MERLINI architects about one of the most unique projects from their portfolio – Abidjan Tower. The title already catches the attention, which brings the mystical vibe. And along with that an even more impressive view appears after looking at the conceptual 3D views. The rhythm, movement of the shape comes together in […] More

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  • Interview with the Historian Jose Filipe Silva

    How the museums can help improve the landscape of the city? Over the centuries the architecture has played a certain part of role and has influenced not only artists but also created a certain type of image of a different city. Now the entire art history we can know only by visiting museums which still […] More

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  • INTERVIEW: a01 Architektai Talk Ali Chocolate Boutique Interior

    Clean and minimalist lines, and shapes have been combined together in order to obtain the integrity of the chocolate production and provide a key role. At first glance, the frozen, ice island reminiscent of chocolate, which is characterized by subtlety and aesthetics, attracts a buyer’s attention. The white interior provides a selection of cleanliness and […] More

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Hospitality & Retail

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  • TECTRA 2 Coffee Table by OKHA

    TECTRA 2 Coffee Table by OKHA

    All designs in the TECTRA family are composed of “Tectonic” plates that interlock and merge as one organic form

  • Café di Dolce by Sanayi313 Architects

    Café di Dolce by Sanayi313 Architects

    Café Di Dolce is an impressive, theatrical space inspired by grand Parisian cafes, featuring black and white marble flooring and a mixture of custom-made furniture in rich fabrics and textures

  • Maximinos Apartment by REM’A

    Maximinos Apartment by REM’A

    The idea was born from the client’s most basic requests; a reformulation of the apartment that would allow for a more fluid circulation, a more practical and visually clean environment without the need for furniture and decoration.

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