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  • Design Harmony: Inside Zhang Haihua’s Lake Tai Villa

    At Jiangsu Province’s Lake Tai, Design Director Zhang Haihua merges Eastern elegance with contemporary design in a 1,000-square-meter project, creating a serene ambiance.This fusion of classical aesthetics and modern architecture centers around a tranquil courtyard, integrating nature with interior spaces. Guided by minimalist principles, Haihua harmonizes Western modernism with Oriental refinement, creating an immersive experience […] More

  • Inside ZOO Architects’ Otter Project: Redefining Urban Spaces

    Established in 2018, ZOO Architects stands as an exemplar of innovative architectural design, with a presence rooted in the vibrant urban landscapes of Shanghai and Tianjin, China, and extending its influence to London, U.K. As a multidisciplinary studio, ZOO Architects offers a spectrum of services ranging from urban design and architecture to interiors, master planning, […] More

  • Tuckey Design Studio Reveals Insights into 12 Hans Road Restoration

    Tuckey Design Studio has orchestrated a remarkable transformation within the historic confines of 12 Hans Road, infusing warmth and domesticity into the previously segmented Grade-II listed office building in Knightsbridge. Originally crafted by AH Mackmurdo in the 19th century, the townhouse had undergone a drastic metamorphosis in the 1980s, partitioned into individual offices with stark […] More

  • Evans Lee Discusses the Design Philosophy of Lake Lantern Residence

    In the field of interior design, the ultimate goal is to create spaces that blend practical functionality with a sense of harmony. Such is the case with a Lake Lantern Residence designed by Evans Lee, that reimagines the traditional living and dining area into a haven of tranquility. Through the harmonious integration of aesthetic elements […] More

  • Cong Banquet: Crafted by Associate Interior Design

    Located in Liangzhu, Cong Banquet by Associate Interior Design combines tradition with innovation, paying homage to the ancient symbol of the Cong—a hollow piece of jade representing divine authority. This culinary sanctuary offers a  blend of fusion cuisine and architectural elegance, with its design inspired by the Cong’s shape, color, and significance. From the serene […] More

  • JEFFREY Lamp: +kouple’s Eco-Friendly Lighting Solution

    The JEFFREY lamp by +kouple represents a revolutionary blend of modern design and eco-conscious innovation. Crafted by designer Dan Vakhrameyev, this lamp offers aesthetically pleasing illumination and also incorporates sound-absorbing capabilities, courtesy of recycled PET felt. Through a partnership with Re:Quiet, the lamp aims to minimize noise reverberation in office spaces or open-concept living areas, […] More

  • Exclusive Insights into Alta Tower with Hamonic+Masson & Associés

    The completion of Alta Tower, a 55-meter residential marvel in Le Havre, France, marks a significant milestone in the city’s architectural landscape. Designed by Hamonic+Masson & Associés for client SOGEPROM, this striking structure stands as a testament to the fusion of modernity and historical heritage at the heart of Auguste Perret’s post-World War II redevelopment […] More

  • Darin Reynolds Unveils COOKFOX Architects’ Vision for Sustainable Urban Living

    Darin Reynolds, Partner at COOKFOX Architects, sits down with Archiscene to discuss the firm’s remarkable contributions to Water Street Tampa, Florida. This exclusive interview unveils the innovative spirit behind COOKFOX’s design of two significant landmarks within North America’s first WELL Certified community. The work on 1001 Water Street, a pioneering 20-story biophilic workplace, and Cora, […] More

  • Designer Rui Ying Talks About Shanghai Donggang Chengfu Hotel

    Nestled on the tranquil Changxing Island, Shanghai Donggang Chengfu Hotel, designed by Shanghai Light and Shadow Design, offers a poetic escape from city life. The hotel embodies an aesthetic of natural simplicity and elegance, reminiscent of a moonlit night reflected in calm waters. The journey to this destination winds through rustic countryside lanes adorned with […] More

  • Various Associates Talk The Sanya EDITION

    Life Aesthetics Community at The Sanya EDITION, a project completed jointly by the hotel and Various Associates. This addition to the hotel in Haitang Bay, China, includes a public commercial space, shopfronts, an Art Center, retail stores, a bookstore, and a café area. The design aimed to balance commerce and fashion while serving the needs […] More

  • Churina Design Talks about the L’Oréal Ukraine Office

    ARCISCENE Editor Zarko Davinic spoke with interior designer Katerina Churina and chief of Churina Design about the innovative approach to creating a flexible and multifunctional workspace, the concept of Activity Based Working, and the key features of the design of L’Oréal Ukraine Office. In the heart of Kyiv’s city center, L’Oréal has unveiled its sleek […] More

  • Cushing Terrell Talks About Their Latest Theater Reconstruction Project

    The Alberta Bair Theatre in Billings, Montana, was redone by Cushing Terrell. Ten years of work have gone into this project, which will bring new life to the old theatre. When it first opened in 1931 as the Fox Theatre, the building was a popular place for films and plays in the area. The renovation […] More

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