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  • Agis Mourelatos

    Retiré Athénien by Agis Mourelatos | Architects

    The Retiré Athénien project by Agis Mourelatos | Architects is reshaping the traditional concept of a penthouse apartment, turning a top-floor flat into a contemporary space that fosters openness, communication, and a unique way of living. Led by the visionary architect Agis Mourelatos, the project showcases a stunning blend of modern design, functionality, and an […] More

  • Alexander Tischler

    Alexander Tischler Design Company Transforms Moscow Apartment for Young Couple and Cat

    The Alexander Tischler design company, led by Chief Designer Karen Karapetian, has recently completed the transformation of an 80 sq. m one-bedroom apartment in Moscow. This unique project caters to the specific needs and style preferences of a young couple, complete with a cozy corner for their feline friend. Design Concept and Features The young […] More

  • Objekt Architecten

    Penthouse T by Objekt Architecten

    In the heart of the city’s urban jungle, Objekt Architecten have designed Penthouse T, a third-floor duplex penthouse that redefines luxury living. With an interior reminiscent of a lavish yacht, this remarkable residence is tailored to cater to the needs of its fortunate inhabitants, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily […] More

  • KiKi ARCHi

    Skip House by KiKi ARCHi

    KiKi ARCHi has recently completed work on their latest residential project In the bustling west district of Beijing, a unique duplex apartment project for a family of four spanning three generations. This 300 square meter abode showcases a blend of architectural ingenuity and cultural sensitivity, accommodating diverse lifestyles while fostering an environment for family bonding. […] More

  • Studio Reaktor

    Vršovice Twins by Studio Reaktor

    In the heart of Prague’s Vršovice district, Studio Reaktor has transformed a humble 40-square-meter apartment and breathed new life into the compact living space, splitting it into two distinct yet harmonious units inspired by the original plasterwork. Two Instead of One At first glance, it’s hard to believe that the Vršovice Twins originated from a […] More

  • Fernando Fisbein Architect

    Palmer Apartment by Fernando Fisbein Architect

    The Palmer Apartment in New York City’s Upper East Side has undergone an extensive transformation, thanks to the innovative design work of Fernando Fisbein Architect. This remarkable renovation project has breathed new life into a 1,350-square-foot pied-à-terre, creating an inviting and functional space for its Los Angeles-based owners. Originally from New York City but living […] More

  • Plus One Architects

    Karlovy Vary Apartment by Plus One Architects

    In the heart of Karlovy Vary, nestled near the city’s iconic colonnades and the prestigious Hotel Thermal, a piece of history has been meticulously revived. The Karlovy Vary Apartment, located in a charming 1900s building, has undergone a complete transformation that masterfully balances the charm of its heritage with contemporary design elements. Studio Plus One […] More

  • Studio ST Architects

    Riverside Drive Apartment by Studio ST Architects

    Designed by Studio ST Architects, this midcentury modern-inspired residence has undergone an extensive renovation to create an elegant and functional space for a growing family. With its completion date in August 2023, the Riverside Drive Apartment now stands as a testament to modern design and thoughtful living. A Family-Friendly Oasis The Riverside Drive Apartment, spanning […] More

  • Elephant

    Factory Apartments by Elephant

    Elephant Architects have transformed A symbol of innovative thinking and sustainable investment, the former Fluor office building from 1972 in Haarlem, into an avant-garde residential complex. Unveiling the Factory Apartments, this architectural feat adds much-needed living space to the city without compromising quality or aesthetics. A Building of Tomorrow, Today Originally designed with the forward-thinking […] More

  • How Much Space Do You Need in Your Next Apartment?

    If you’re in the market for a new apartment, you may be surprised at how high rents have climbed recently. The sticker shock can be especially bad if you’ve been in your last place for a long time, whether you owned or had a rent-controlled apartment. APARTMENTS After many major cities saw declines in rent […] More

  • AB-architects

    Fusion of History and Modernity: AB-architects transform a classic apartment in Vienna

    AB-ARCHITECTS have recently completed the transformation of a classic apartment in a stucco-adorned old building into a contemporary haven for a young family.  The meticulously redesigned apartment, spanning an impressive 284 square meters, has been thoughtfully tailored to meet the discerning tastes and specific requirements of a vibrant young couple. The architectural design encompasses a […] More

  • miogui

    Villette Apartment by miogui

    Architecture studio miogui has recently completed the adaptation project of an apartent in Paris, France. The Villette project revolves around the meticulous reconfiguration of space to accommodate the evolving needs of its inhabitants, particularly in response to significant life milestones such as the joyful arrival of a new addition to the family. Instead of opting […] More

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