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  • Antonínská Apartment’s Design Symphony by Markéta Bromová architekti

    The Antonínská Apartment, skillfully reimagined by Markéta Bromová architekti, represents the  balance between preserving the original character of a space and adapting it to modern living needs. Situated within a functionalist house near Strossmayer Square in Prague, the 125 m2 apartment posed a unique challenge due to its predefined spatial division and materials. However, the […] More

  • Avilés Urban Flat Receives Modern Makeover

    Situated in the urban center of Avilés (Asturias), a 112m2 flat, photographed by Ivo Tavares, underwent a comprehensive refurbishment by architect David Olmos. With its initially compartmentalized and elongated layout, the space posed a challenge in terms of functionality and flow. The main facade, facing south, housed the living room and two bedrooms, while the kitchen, […] More

  • Paulo Moreira’s Casa Cedofeita: A Modern Classic

    At the core of Porto’s vibrant downtown, an old bourgeois building, Casa Cedofeita, has undergone a stunning transformation into a five-bedroom residence. This ambitious project by Paulo Moreira Architectures seamlessly blends two distinct dimensions: a careful restoration of the original structure using traditional materials and techniques, and the introduction of innovative wooden volumes to accommodate […] More

  • YLAB Architects Transforms Paseo San Juan Apartment

    Positioned along the iconic Paseo San Juan in the heart of Barcelona, a century-old apartment building has been infused with new life and contemporary elegance through the skilled hands of YLAB Architects. The challenge was to harmonize modern functionality with the historical charm of a protected home, all while preserving cherished elements like the Nolla mosaic […] More

  • Transforming Tradition: Gouveia’s Apartment Renovation

    Gouveia is at the base of Serra da Estrela and highlights Avenida General Humberto Delgado. With its elegant houses and lush trees, this road is the ideal representation of the city’s residential charm. The photographs of the apartment, captured by Ivo Tavares, showcase the three-story building from 1965, embodying modernist architectural principles, which serves as […] More

  • In Conversation with Dora Hart: Insights into Designing the Giraudoux Apartment and Beyond

    Set within the vibrant city of Paris, the Giraudoux Apartment represents a delicate balance of charm, innovation, and French appeal. Guided by Dora Hart‘s vision, the renovation project sought to reflect the client’s preferences while capturing the essence of the city. Upon arrival, one is greeted by a warm ambiance, accentuated by a staircase adorned […] More

  • Most Popular Decorating Styles in Luxury Real Estate

    Luxury homes are constantly regarded as dream homes for a reason. They accompany remarkably lavish features, such as spacious floor plans, cutting-edge appliances, and decor fit for the rich and famous. Also, some have perfectly carved gardens. However, the bar is raised annually, and a recent fad takes over the best real estate. At the […] More

  • Sorrento Apartment A Harmonious Blend of Architecture and Design

    Sorrento Apartment in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula (Italy), is a beautiful take on contemporary living – La Casa Millerighe, an exquisitely renovated 100 m² apartment with a breathtaking terrace, represents the vision of architect Valentina Autiero. Completed in 2023 and beautifully captured through the lens of photographer Carlo Oriente. Originally a modest vacation […] More

  • Agis Mourelatos

    Retiré Athénien by Agis Mourelatos | Architects

    The Retiré Athénien project by Agis Mourelatos | Architects is reshaping the traditional concept of a penthouse apartment, turning a top-floor flat into a contemporary space that fosters openness, communication, and a unique way of living. Led by the visionary architect Agis Mourelatos, the project showcases a stunning blend of modern design, functionality, and an […] More

  • Alexander Tischler

    Alexander Tischler Design Company Transforms Moscow Apartment for Young Couple and Cat

    The Alexander Tischler design company, led by Chief Designer Karen Karapetian, has recently completed the transformation of an 80 sq. m one-bedroom apartment in Moscow. This unique project caters to the specific needs and style preferences of a young couple, complete with a cozy corner for their feline friend. Design Concept and Features The young […] More

  • Objekt Architecten

    Penthouse T by Objekt Architecten

    In the heart of the city’s urban jungle, Objekt Architecten have designed Penthouse T, a third-floor duplex penthouse that redefines luxury living. With an interior reminiscent of a lavish yacht, this remarkable residence is tailored to cater to the needs of its fortunate inhabitants, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily […] More

  • KiKi ARCHi

    Skip House by KiKi ARCHi

    KiKi ARCHi has recently completed work on their latest residential project In the bustling west district of Beijing, a unique duplex apartment project for a family of four spanning three generations. This 300 square meter abode showcases a blend of architectural ingenuity and cultural sensitivity, accommodating diverse lifestyles while fostering an environment for family bonding. […] More

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