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  • An Architect’s Home by BY architects

    BY architects designed this stunning apartment in Prague, Czech Republic that was initially planned as a bachelor’s apartment and now functions as a young family’s home. The design consists of three living units, connected by a corridor – maisonette and studio, each with its own utilities, and main living area. Photography Alex Shoots Buildings shares […] More

  • Casa Mia by ZDA Zupelli Design Architecture

    Casa Mia by ZDA | Zupelli Design Architecture

    ZDA | Zupelli Design Architecture have recently completed CASA MIA an interior design project of an apartment in the province of Brescia, Italy. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • SL Apartment by P|S Arquitetos

    SL Apartment by P|S Arquitetos

    P|S Arquitetos recently completed their first project in Lisbon, Portugal – SL Apartment. The apartment renovation has a pure, minimalist design while respecting the building’s heritage. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Techno Lover Apartment by Studio Perspektiv

    Techno Lover Apartment by Studio Perspektiv

    Studio Perspektiv designed this rather unusual apartment in Prague, Czech Republic. The apartment was designed to provide a boutique  atmosphere, partially reminiscent of a luxury hotel accustomed to the clients taste and reflecting his personality. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Guculska apartment by Replus Design Bureau

    Guculska apartment by Replus Design Bureau

    Replus Design Bureau recently completed the refurbishing and redesign of an old apartment in a historical building in the heart of Lviv on Hutsulska Street. The building itself was constructed in 1892-1896, so the project designers decided to keep everything that remained in a good condition from those times. Keeping the authentic parts and adding […] More

  • Take A Tour of Duplex Tibbaut by Raúl Sánchez

    Discover a striking living space designed by by Raúl Sánchez architecture practice for an inspiring location in the city of Barcelona. The Duplex Tibbaut has all the sentiments of a contemporary living space.  RELATED: More Inspiring Apartments on ArchisSCENE The starting point was two independent dwellings on top of each other on the ground floor and […] More

  • TANK

    Front Gardens Residential Tower by TANK

    TANK transformed a former office building into a residential tower with panoramic views, private terraces serving as an entrance to the apartment, and the Westerpark at the owner’s doorstep. The building – named after its most unique feature ‘Front gardens’ – reinvents the way housing blocks are structured. The invention of this new housing typology […] More

  • OPod Tube House Water Pipe Micro-Apartments by James Law Cybertecture

    As a solution to Housing shortages, Hong Kong-based studio James Law Cybertecture, built a prototype of the OPod Tube House, a concrete water pipe transformed into modular housing. Each each 100-square-foot unit is designed to house one or two people. The Opod Tube Houses offer a foldable bench that doubles as a bed, space for […] More

  • Apartment Tour: Penthouse 2 by AVN Interior Architects

    Aditi Vora Nair of AVN Interior Architects designed this stunning contemporary penthouse project. The penthouse embodies the best aspects of modern living while rounding up a cozy home. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. This penthouse is a display of architecturally designed interior spaces. The design approach is more spatial where […] More

  • Here’s How Living In The Famous New York Flatiron Building Looks

    Oda New York designed this stunning apartment located in the Flatiron building in New York City. The apartment located in New York City‘s landmark Flatiron building is a mix of cozy and modern shaping a comfortable yet luxurious living space. The interior design team also worked hard on selecting iconic design pieces to furnish the […] More

  • London Living – Take A Tour of The Paxton House by alma-nac

    alma-nac designed this stunning housing complex located in London, United Kingdom. The project was completed in 2017. The playful facade embodies the contemporary vision set by the architects for the project.  Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

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