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  • Med Chair 2022

    MED Chair by Acerbis Relaunched at Salone del Mobile 2022

    MED chair made a comeback earlier in June for Salone del Mobile 2022 as part of the Acerbis Remasters collection. The MED chair is one of the most celebrated designs by furniture designers Giotto Stoppino and Lodovico Acerbis. The chair is a true master of Giotto and Lodovico’s dedication to experimenting with innovative materials in […] More

  • Garden Furniture Trends in 2022

    Garden Furniture Trends in 2022

    Garden furniture trends are evolving in 2022. Customers are more and more opting for furniture which is bringing the aesthetics of their indoors to the outdoors, with a big feature on coastal themes as well as stripped-back nature and plant themes. As well as this, there has been a significant increase in the interest in […] More

  • Salone 2022: PROSTORIA Collaborates with Benjamin Hubert

    Prostoria is presenting their first ever collaboration with designer Benjamin Hubert, the founder of the London based design agency Layer. Collaboration is presented at Salone del Mobile 2022. With topic of Modern Modularity Prostoria and Benjamin Huber have created Rostrum and Sobot a two ultra modular sofa systems. The idea while designing was to create […] More

  • ARCHISCENE Talks to Juliette Thomas from JULIETTES INTERIORS

    Juliette Thomas sits down to talk with ARCHISCENE about her two standout projects – a striking South of France vacation home, as well as the modern Windsor Townhouse. In addition to analysing the projects in depth, we talk with Juliette also about dos and don’ts in interior design, and the beginning of Juliettes Interiors as […] More

  • How Can I Modify A Dining Table Set For A Meeting Table?

    How Can I Modify A Dining Table Set For A Meeting Table?

    If you are outfitting your first office, you might have a fairly limited budget for furnishings. Office furniture can cost thousands of dollars, even though the manufacturing process and quality are often the same as similar and cheaper domestic counterparts. Many solo entrepreneurs are cutting corners on furnishing their offices with modified domestic furniture. A […] More

  • Things To Consider When Choosing A New Couch

    Things To Consider When Choosing A New Couch

    Nobody likes dealing with storms, especially when they damage your roof and cause leaks to form in your living room ceiling. And where does it decide to drip? Right on the expensive couch. You may have to consider making a roof insurance claim, as well as purchasing a new couch because the old one has […] More

  • Benefits Of Using LED Lights In Your Workplace?

    Benefits Of Using LED Lights In Your Workplace?

    Installing LED panels in your house can often bestow a calm and relaxing effect. But, have you ever imagined how it will be to install LED lights in the workplace? LED panels have come a long way and can play an essential role in offering security. Installing LED panels in your workplace can help to […] More

  • Emerging lines Interview with 3 Italian Young Talents at Milan Design Week

    Emerging lines: Interview with 3 Italian Young Talents at Milan Design Week

    At Fuorisalone in Milan, Pianca & Partners contract hub is set to promote the creativity of the future with the “Emerging lines” event – a setting dedicated to the work of 3 Italian young talents: Giuseppe Arezzi, Maddalena Selvini and Flatwig Studio. This is the first event of “Emerging lines” exhibition format: the project conceived […] More

  • VERSACE Home Collection Makeover Revealed at Salone Del Mobile

    Milan Design Week is the place to see the new VERSACE Home collection adorned with the label’s new monogram – La Greca. The design is presented in a setting of a luxurious Milanese Home shaped with revamped and new furniture pieces designed by Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini in collaboration with label’s Creative Director Donatella […] More

  • An Introduction to 20th-century Furniture Styles

    So many different things define an era. Whether it’s clothing, music, or literature, we can usually pinpoint the exact time period when they were popular. The same is, of course, reflected in interior design, especially with various furniture styles. And while each style has its decade (or decades) of creation, they never really go out […] More

  • Furniture Tips: Simple Steps to an Easy to Clean Sofa

    No one wants to be the person in charge of cleaning up after a party or a family gathering. You might have had fun, but now it’s time to clean. This is where the choice of your upholstery comes in! Easy to clean sofa manufacturers offer stain resistant upholstery fabric and easy-to-clean cushions that make […] More

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