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  • Tamarindo House by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

    Taller Estilo Arquitectura has recently completed work on its latest residential project in Mérida, Mexico – Tamarindo House. The project explores the interplay between architecture and the natural environment, with the guiding principle of “He arrived first” serving as its foundation. The arboreal element serves as the primary focal point and structural framework of the […] More

  • Casa JP by Arq. Pablo Gagliardo

    Arq. Pablo Gagliardo has recently completed work on his latest residential project in Argentina.This exquisite single-family residence is situated in a private gated community in Funes, a charming town just a short distance from the bustling city of Rosario. The property in question features a singular access point from the internal circulation of the surrounding […] More

  • yh2_ yiacouvakis hamelin architects

    Maison Carlier by yh2_ yiacouvakis hamelin architects

    yh2_ yiacouvakis hamelin architects have recently completed work on their latest residential project – Maison Carlier. This stunning project is located in the bustling heart of Montreal’s Little Italy district and is built on a through lot. The design capitalizes on the distinctiveness of the site, which benefits from dual street access. This newly constructed […] More

  • Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier

    “Patios of Petals” House by Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier

    Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier has recently completed work on this strunning private residence in Gondomar, Porto, Portugal. The “Patios of Petals”  house features a design that resembles the organic form of a flower, providing both nourishment and shade to its inhabitants. The structure features a minimalist design, with a prominent “U” shaped glazing that seamlessly […] More

  • Ecuador Is To Get a Philippe Starck Tower

    Philippe Starck Tower designed by the team of architects behind the residential YOO GYE skyscraper that will be built in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in conjunction with YOO Inspired by Starck, has been revealed by the company that will develop the project, Uribe Schwarzkopf. The Philippe Starck Tower with an expected height of 176 meters will be […] More

  • Unique House by blaq arquitectos

    blaq arquitectos have recently completed their latest residential project in Las Condes, Chile .The project entails an extensive renovation of a unit situated within the renowned housing complex plan that was originally developed during the 1970s in the Colon Oriente district of Santiago. The proposed plan sought to effectively integrate and mitigate the housing shortage […] More

  • Carter Williamson Architects

    Tree Island House by Carter Williamson Architects

    Carter Williamson Architects has recently complete work on this stunning family home in Alexandria, Australia. Tree Island is a residential project that ingeniously transcends its spatial limitations, transforming them into its most captivating attributes. This narrow home optimizes its limited internal space by utilizing verticality, extending upwards towards the adjacent converted warehouse to the south. The central […] More

  • hollaway studio

    ARCHISCENE Talks to Hollaway Studio about their Vicarage Farm Project

    Hollaway Studio was commissioned to design an extension for Vicarage Farm, an early Victorian building situated in the midst of nine acres in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The challenge was to create an extension that was both timeless and respectful of the original vicarage, while also being grand enough to fit within […] More

  • Studio Wills+Architects

    Life Around a Timber Box by Studio Wills+Architects

    Studio Wills + Architects, a Singapore-based architectural firm specializing in residential architecture and interiors, has recently wrapped up an interior renovation project for a compact condominium apartment. The proposed design entails a strategic reconfiguration of storage areas to optimize spatial relationships and augment storage capacity in response to the requirements of the new owner. The […] More

  • Matière Première Architecture

    Dyptique by Matière Première Architecture

    Matière Première Architecture has recently completed work on Dyptique, a new residential project situated in the charming town of Stanstead. The location boasts an immersive natural charm, providing breathtaking vistas of the surrounding terrain and serving as a serene sanctuary. The site of the project is situated on a small plateau, carefully nestled between a slender […] More

  • 3LHD

    Residential Block Park Kneževa by 3LHD

    Architecture studio 3LHD has recently finished a new residential block in the centre of Zagreb, Croatia called Residential block Park Kneževa. This residential block showcases a contemporary design with a focus on functionality and aesthetic appeal. The use of clean lines and modern materials creates a sleek and sophisticated look, while the thoughtful layout maximizes […] More

  • Vives St-Laurent

    Montpellier Residence by Vives St-Laurent

    Vives St-Laurent has recently completed itslatest residential project in Canada – The Montpellier Residence. Ssituated in the charming Saint-Bruno area on Montreal’s South Shore, boasts a serene environment with its winding roads and lush foliage. Constructed during the latter half of the 1960s by a notable regional architect, the structure has since been recognized and included […] More

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