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  • Kettal Pays Tribute to Dion and Richard Neutra’s Iconic Design

    Kettal presents the Penthouse from Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House II, a building constructed in 1963 that embodies his architectural theories such as “biorealism,” which denotes the relationship between architecture and health. This masterful replication updates the original design with modern materials and construction techniques while faithfully adhering to all the structural details defined by […] More

  • The Moravian Square Park: A New Poetics of Urban Life

    Designed by Consequence Forma Architects, the Moravian Square Park in Brno has undergone a transformative revitalisation, emerging as a vibrant space that juxtaposes the city’s constant commotion with a serene yet active environment.  LANDSCAPE This ambitious project, authored by Martin Sládek and Janica Šipulová, meets the demands of the 21st century and integrates blue-green infrastructure […] More

  • Concrete Elegance: Discover Pulkra’s Dome Collection

    Pulkra, a design brand known for celebrating the materiality of concrete, introduces the stunning new DOME collection, crafted by the visionary duo Pio & Tito Toso. This collection showcases freestanding bathtubs, sophisticated shower trays, and elegant washbasins, all becoming focal points in their environments. BATHROOMS Pulkra’s creations are made from Acron, a CFRC composite cement […] More