Latest stories

  • Camper by Hayon Studio

    We are keeping up with red love and this time is red Camper shop together with Jaime Hayon Studio. The intention of the Together project was to give an absolute yet subtle change to the way the Camper space is envisioned. Discover more of the design after the jump: More

  • The Restaurant La Terraza del Casino by Hayon Studio

    A world known designer Jaime Hayon from Hayon Studio have designed an authentic space of the Restaurant La Terraza del Casino located in the Spain city of Madrid. Funky, young, authentic, black and white space with Jaime's very personal style. For more images and architects' description continue after the jump: More

  • Lounger For BD by Hayon Design

    When it comes to products designed by Jamie Hayon, even a chair is not a simple chair, and this time we are bringing to you his unique design for the red Lounge designed for Barcelona Design. More

  • Tudor Chair by Hayon Studio

    Project: Tudor Chair Designed by Hayon Studio Website: Notion of classic elements morphed with contemporary sentiment result in Tudor Chair designed by Hayon Studio. More