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  • Dalian Medical University Hospital by Design Initiatives

    Project: Dalian Medical University Hospital Designed by Design Initiatives Design Team: Vlado Valkof – project architect; Ana Valkof, Stefan Petkov, Malgorzata Blasik, Minko Marinov – architects; Nick Tonchev – civil and structural Client: First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University Area: 184 828 sqm Location: Dalian, China Website: Design Initiatives share with us their project for the Dalian Medical University Hospital, their […] More

  • Stand at the Outdoor Lifestyle Hangzhou Fair by Design Initiatives

    Project: EXPO Booth at the Outdoor Lifestyle Hangzhou Fair Designed by Design Initiatives Credits: Vlado Valkof, Malgorzata Blasik, Peter Kochevski Client: Lifestyle Hangzhou, Beijing Talent-Expo Co.  Area: 36 sqm Location: Hangzhou, China Website: Design Initiatives are sharing with us their innovative design for EXPO Booth at the Outdoor Lifestyle Hangzhou Fair. See more of their design after the jump:  More

  • Disaster Prevention and Education Centre by Design Initiatives

    Project: Disaster Prevention and Education Centre Designed by Design Initiatives Credits: Design Initiatives: Vlado Valkof – architect; Malgorzata Blasik, Minko Marinov, Anne Valkof, – designers; Peter Kochevski, Viki Raytcheva – rendering Client: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Area: 9 450sqm Location: Istanbul, Turkey Website: California based Design Initiatives shares with us their engaging proposal for the design of Disaster Prevention and Education Centre in Istanbul, they […] More

  • Taipei City Museum of Art by Design Initiatives

    Project: Taipei City Museum of Art Designed by Design Initiatives Credits: Vlado Valkof – architect; Malgorzata Blasik, Anne Valkof, – designers; Rumen Yotov, Image Adv. – rendering; Nick Tonchev – civil engineering Client: New Taipei City Government Scope: 51,045 sqm Location: Taipei, Taiwan Website: Architects at Design Initiatives are the latest to reveal their proposal for the design of Taipei City Museum of Art, by […] More