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  • Museum of the Built Environment by FXFOWLE Architects

    Project: Museum of the Built Environment Designed by FXFOWLE Architects Area: 323 000 sqf  Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Website: With it's sculptural shape the new building design of Museum of the Built Environment in Riyadh coming from the drawing board of FXFOWLE Architects is set to become the new landmark of the city. The skin of the facade is specially designed […] More

  • Renaissance Tower by FXFOWLE

    Project: Renaissance Tower Designed by FXFOWLE Client: Renaissance Development  Area: 947 000 sqf  Location: Istanbul, Turkey  Website: Massive diamond shaped Renaissance Tower project in Istanbul created as a new landmark of the city is work of FXFOWLE. For more images and architects description continue after the jump: More