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  • ‘Dove of Peace’ Church by WEAVA Architects

    Project: ‘Dove of Peace’ Church Designed by WEAVA Architects Design Director: Jean-Hubert Chow Design Team: Edward Kwitek, Jamie Yengel (Schematic Design Phase), Cristian Herraiz Muñoz, Gaspar Gonzalez Melero (Design Development Phase), Leila Bao, Greg Li Client: Association of Protestants of Ordos, Municipality of Ordos Project Size: 8 500 m2 Location: Dong Sheng District, City of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China Website: Inspiration for the […] More

  • Ordos Protestant Church by Weava

    Project: Ordos Protestant Church Designed by  Weava Location: Ordos, China Scope: 3,000 sqm Website: On a remarkable location Hong Kong based practice Weava designs a project for a Protestant church in Chinese city of Ordos. More

  • Phoenix City by Weava

    Project: Phoenix City Designed by  Weava Location: Linzhou, Henan, China Website: Impressive new project by Weava designed for a location in Chinese city of  Linzhou created to house more than 30,000 square meters. More