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  • West County Club by We Design

    Expolre West County Club Sales centar at Vanke Hangzhou curated by We Design that in located in Hangzhou, China. The West County Club is a model for the interpretation of nature and life in the landscape of Liangzhu civilization, and is evolving the millennial cultural heritage of Liangzhu. We Design team is using professional furnishing […] More

  • The Fintech Office by WIT Design & Research

    WIT Design & Research finished their project The Fintech Office. The space is a user-friendly and co-working environment. The Fintech Office Ⅰ and the Dragon Restaurant made their debut during the pandemic in February, 2020, which made it hard and challenging. Several days later the entire space of the Fintech Office Ⅰ was rented by […] More

  • STUDIO8 designs GUD Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Hangzhou

      STUDIO8 was commissioned to design the architecture re-use, interior and visual identity for GUD Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. The restaurant & coctail bar is located in a heritage building from the 1930s in the central area of Hangzhou. Throughout the modern history of China, the villa was almost “eaten up” by the city from […] More

  • o.m.k take away & deli designed by BURO KLK

    Explore the newest project designed by BÜRO KLK Team. The new o.m.k take away & deli is the fourth collaboration between the Mochi Group and BÜRO KLK. The restaurant is located on one of Vienna’s oldest market squares in the premises of a former laundry service. The new o.m.k take away & deli does not […] More

  • Discover project Casa 15 designed by AM-arqstudio

    Architecture Office AM-arqstudio recently completed their project the house Casa 15 located in Braga, Portugal. The couple who owns the house had a clear intention about the social atmospheres. For them, everyone should be visible and part of the family, no matter if cooking, reading, or working from home. On the other hand, they wanted […] More

  • BALENCIAGA Is Opening A New Store In Berlin

    Balenciaga is opening the new store in Berlin! The newly designed space will be built into the historic Haus Cumberland. The store will feature an open plan design with over 296 square meters, offering women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, accessories, eyewear, and jewelry. FASHION RETAIL The space will have Balenciaga’s Raw Architecture concept, unfinished […] More

  • 6 Super Tips for Designing a Functional Home

    Extensive planning for the perfect home construction can never go to waste. Putting a lot of effort and thought into building your dream home is a given. However, understanding the blueprints and floor plans can be difficult for most normal folks to create mistakes. Not knowing which room falls where and how the infrastructure looks […] More

  • Designing Architecture for Safety

    The Roman architect Vitruvius asserted in his treatise on architecture, De Architecture, that there were three fundamental principles for good architecture. The first, firmatis or durability, the second, utilitas or utility, and, the last, venustatis or beauty. Of course, a building must remain robust, be functional, and delight the senses and raise the spirits; however, […] More

  • How To Find The Best Reliable Realtor In Your Area

    Navigating the housing market can be difficult no matter if it’s your first time or your fiftieth. For many home buyers and sellers, it’s simply not something they can imagine doing alone. That’s why many people take the time to find a real estate agent that can help them out with this difficult task. RELATED: […] More

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Shaker Style Architecture

    Stylish, functional, and quintessentially American. These are the words that best sum up Shaker-style architecture, which is by many counts America’s favorite form of design. But what is Shaker style? Is it simply a stripped-back, agrarian school of design, or does it represent something more bold and modern? If you want to learn everything about […] More

  • Designing an Authentic Cottage

    Building a cottage which appears to have been there for many years but also meets modern building standards is a challenge. Traditional charm and character are often more appealing to homeowners than the clean, contemporary architecture which often favors straight lines and functionality. Historically, cottages were built in a much more organic way with local […] More

  • A 100-Year-Old Church Transformed Into Colorful Skate Park

    We at Archi SCENE love this stunning intervention – A historic church in llanera, Spain was transformed into a skate-park by acclaimed Spanish street-artist Okuda San Miguel. The project is titled Kaos Temple. Created in collaboration with La Iglesia Skate park and Red Bull, San Miguel covered the interior in vibrant colors and patterns that match the […] More

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