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  • 6 Super Tips for Designing a Functional Home

    Extensive planning for the perfect home construction can never go to waste. Putting a lot of effort and thought into building your dream home is a given. However, understanding the blueprints and floor plans can be difficult for most normal folks to create mistakes. Not knowing which room falls where and how the infrastructure looks […] More

  • Designing Architecture for Safety

    The Roman architect Vitruvius asserted in his treatise on architecture, De Architecture, that there were three fundamental principles for good architecture. The first, firmatis or durability, the second, utilitas or utility, and, the last, venustatis or beauty. Of course, a building must remain robust, be functional, and delight the senses and raise the spirits; however, […] More

  • How To Find The Best Reliable Realtor In Your Area

    Navigating the housing market can be difficult no matter if it’s your first time or your fiftieth. For many home buyers and sellers, it’s simply not something they can imagine doing alone. That’s why many people take the time to find a real estate agent that can help them out with this difficult task. RELATED: […] More

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Shaker Style Architecture

    Stylish, functional, and quintessentially American. These are the words that best sum up Shaker-style architecture, which is by many counts America’s favorite form of design. But what is Shaker style? Is it simply a stripped-back, agrarian school of design, or does it represent something more bold and modern? If you want to learn everything about […] More

  • Designing an Authentic Cottage

    Building a cottage which appears to have been there for many years but also meets modern building standards is a challenge. Traditional charm and character are often more appealing to homeowners than the clean, contemporary architecture which often favors straight lines and functionality. Historically, cottages were built in a much more organic way with local […] More

  • A 100-Year-Old Church Transformed Into Colorful Skate Park

    We at Archi SCENE love this stunning intervention – A historic church in llanera, Spain was transformed into a skate-park by acclaimed Spanish street-artist Okuda San Miguel. The project is titled Kaos Temple. Created in collaboration with La Iglesia Skate park and Red Bull, San Miguel covered the interior in vibrant colors and patterns that match the […] More

  • International Building Projects That Stirred Interest Among Architects

    Architecture can be considered pure art from some points of view. Art gives people the chance to express themselves fully. Architecture combines both this expression of the inner self and the possibility to actually use the product of imagination. Architecture is also a strange combination of exact data, perfect measurements, thorough planning and the freedom […] More

  • Obelisk Winery in Czech Republic by AiD Team

    Discover the Obelisk Winery, located on the green horizon in southern Czech Republic, with a unique view of Valtice and Pálava Hills. Build on a former border guard platoon, the site is now filled with beautiful winery and lush vineyards, carefully landscaped and maintained.  Designed by studio AiD Team, the winery is divided into two […] More

  • MediaCity: The Catalyst of Manchester Property Market

    State of the art accommodation, international hubs of creativity and quirky independent eateries are transforming the skyline at MediaCityUK. Changing landscapes has occurred due to the uplift in the area’s reputation through the introduction of more businesses. Salford personifies regeneration and is one of the few areas in the north west that engages with mass […] More

  • Modscape

    Modular Home in Franklinford by Modscape

    Modscape designed this stunning modern sustainable house located in Franklinford, Australia, in 2017. Clad in Colorbond with accents of Vitrabond, the modular home takes its cues from agricultural buildings that surround it. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Four Frankfurt by UNStudio

    Four Frankfurt by UNStudio

    UNStudio has joined forces with HPP Architects to create a consortium (UNS + HPP) to carry out the next phases of their winning project at the architectural design competition for FOUR Frankfurt. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Schemata Architects

    The Do-C Capsule Hotel by Schemata Architects

    Schemata Architects recently renovated the hotel interior of a capsule hotel in Tokyo. The architects transformed the aging capsule hotel into a modern, comfortable sleeping experience and brought it into the 21st century. More

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