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  • NOC Coffee meets Zen: AS Design’s Tranquil Oasis

    Award-winning project – NOC Coffee in Hong Kong, envisioned by AS Design founder Sam Sum offers a transformative experience, blending the elements of purification and stimulation through thoughtful design and aesthetic principles. Inspired by the serene landscapes of Japanese Karesansui gardens.  Sam Sum, the visionary behind AS Design, believes in the fusion of aesthetics and functionality, […] More

  • Evans Lee Discusses the Design Philosophy of Lake Lantern Residence

    In the field of interior design, the ultimate goal is to create spaces that blend practical functionality with a sense of harmony. Such is the case with a Lake Lantern Residence designed by Evans Lee, that reimagines the traditional living and dining area into a haven of tranquility. Through the harmonious integration of aesthetic elements […] More

  • TOMO Design Revolutionizes Office Spaces

    The design concept of the office by TOMO Design revolves around the creation of a holistic workspace environment, focusing on micro-perceptual perspectives such as landscape, architecture, interior design, people, and greenery. Through the integration of micro-level relationships, including “micro-architecture,” “micro-landscape,” and “micro-interior,” their aim is to evoke subtle interactions among individuals within this innovative office setting. […] More

  • Redwood Tribe: Shared Culinary Experience by Studio

    Redwood Tribe restaurant, located in the serene Hongqiyang Village, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, was once a local folk house, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. To the north are green rice fields, and to the south is a peaceful pond surrounded by tall dawn redwood trees. Despite the absence of foliage during the architects’ inaugural visit, the […] More

  • Bestseller’s Employee-Centric Workspace by A3 VISION

    A3 VISION was conceived to fulfill Bestseller‘s aspiration to depart from conventional office norms and prioritize the well-being of employees. In a close partnership, the two parties strived to develop a progressive workspace that not only fosters teamwork, but also emphasizes the pivotal role of employee satisfaction in shaping the workplace atmosphere. Located within the […] More

  • Jordan World of Flight Lands in Beijing’s Sanlitun District

    Jordan World of Flight (WOF) Beijing Sanlitun, opening its doors this March, marks a significant milestone as the inaugural WOF store in China, amplifying Jordan Brand‘s influence within the  dynamic basketball culture of the region. Situated in the Sanlitun area of Beijing’s Chaoyang District, the expansive store sprawls over 1,000 square meters across four stories, showcasing […] More

  • Klein Blue Hills & White Cliff: Architectural Excellence from Wutopia Lab

    At EKA Park‘s center, a subtle link binds the Copper Blockhouse and the red brick building. Tracking the water line reveals its start in the park’s northern region, where Wutopia Lab transformed a roof-covered stockyard and duty room into the Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff.  Conceived with careful planning, the park unfolds like a […] More

  • Squares in Tianshui by SAKO Architects

    Designed with precise attention to detail, this establishment integrates a library and day service center within its walls. This complex institution by SAKO Architects serves as a combined library and day service center catering to the elderly, constructed within a small rural town. Situated along a residential street, the architects opted for a minimalist approach […] More

  • Cong Banquet: Crafted by Associate Interior Design

    Located in Liangzhu, Cong Banquet by Associate Interior Design combines tradition with innovation, paying homage to the ancient symbol of the Cong—a hollow piece of jade representing divine authority. This culinary sanctuary offers a  blend of fusion cuisine and architectural elegance, with its design inspired by the Cong’s shape, color, and significance. From the serene […] More

  • 10 Design Creates Record-Breaking Indoor Ski Center in Shenzhen

    10 Design, an international architecture firm, has unveiled its groundbreaking project: Huafa Snow World, set to be the largest indoor ski center globally. Nestled within the bustling tech hub of Qianhai Bay in Shenzhen, China, this 131-hectare entertainment destination promises to redefine leisure and commercial experiences. Scheduled for completion in 2025, the Huafa Snow Centre […] More

  • ARCHIS Design Studio’s Innovative Approach to High School Design

    The project undertaken by ARCHIS Design Studio for the Ningbo Gulin Vocational High School represents a departure from traditional educational architecture paradigms. Rather than imposing a singular narrative or structure onto the campus, the design embraces a dynamic, multi-authored approach. By offering students the agency to shape their own daily encounters and experiences through various […] More

  • Fusion Fitness x Salone Del Salon Redefines Gym Experience

    Fusion Fitness has embarked on an ambitious venture with the inauguration of its latest gym in RAIL IN, located within the vibrant Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base. In a bid to foster not just physical fitness but also a sense of community, Salone Del Salon, the creative force behind the project, delved beyond superficial aesthetics […] More

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