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  • ENOTA Unveils Innovative Češča Vas Pool Complex in Ljubljana

    In Ljubljana, Slovenia, the newly opened Češča vas pool complex exemplifies innovative architectural design by ENOTA. Nestled within a space dominated by a recently renovated velodrome, the pool complex achieves a harmonious balance with its surroundings. ENOTA’s design philosophy centered on preserving the existing spatial relationships and avoiding unnecessary disruption. By leveraging the site’s natural […] More

  • BaF’s Taisugar Circular Village: Taiwan’s Landmark in Sustainable Living

    The Taisugar Circular Village (TCV) by BaF, in Tainan City stands as Taiwan’s pioneering residential project fully integrated with the circular economy ideology. Comprising three housing blocks, a Circular Demo House (C-House), and an Eco-House (E-House), TCV accommodates 351 rental units, an urban farm, and an eco-pond situated centrally in the courtyard. This ambitious project […] More

  • PPAA’s Copas: A Dialogue Between Architecture and Nature in Valle de Bravo

      Located within the verdant landscapes of Valle de Bravo, Mexico, Copas by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados (PPAA) exemplifies a harmonious dialogue between architecture and nature. This project, completed in July 2024, reflects a respect for the natural environment, a hallmark of PPAA’s design philosophy. The house’s upper floor opens seamlessly to the treetops, fostering […] More

  • Transforming Luanda: Paulo Moreira Architectures’ Waterpoints Project

    The Luanda Waterpoints project by Paulo Moreira Architectures has brought significant improvements to three water access points on the outskirts of localthe city. This initiative, aimed at enhancing the quality of life for disadvantaged populations, demonstrates the impact of small-scale interventions and low-cost solutions. By prioritizing local labor and encouraging the reuse of materials, the […] More

  • Treasury and ZHA Launch Cutting-Edge Digital Spatial Asset Platform

    Treasury Spatial Data, a San Francisco-based design technology startup, in partnership with Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), has announced the launch of the Treasury digital spatial asset platform. This innovative platform includes a suite of creative and technology tools designed to discover and license premium spatial assets. Treasury aims to foster a creative community and stimulate […] More

  • Billiani Highlights Marcello D’Olivo’s Villa Spezzotti Gregoratti

    Marcello D’Olivo, the influential Friulian architect, was renowned for his commitment to organic forms and harmony with the natural landscape. One of his most notable projects, Villa Spezzotti Gregoratti, exemplifies this dedication. Originally commissioned by entrepreneur Giovanni Battista Spezzotti in 1955 as a gift for his wife, Lydia Maria Rizzi, this villa stands as an […] More

  • Transformative Architecture: Zooco Studio’s Casa Nogal Project

      The Casa Nogal project by Zooco Studio exemplifies the transformative power of thoughtful architecture. Located in the northwest of Madrid, this semi-detached house faced significant challenges due to its excessive depth of over 12 meters, which resulted in poor natural lighting, particularly on the first floor. Zooco Studio, founded by Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier […] More

  • Sofie Haug Day-Care by Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner

    Designed by Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner for the city of Tübingen, the Sofie Haug day-care center opened on Rosenauer Weg in 2022, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural beauty. This two-storey hybrid-timber building, with its walkout basement set into a slope, has become an architectural focal point that pays homage to […] More

  • SOA Architekti + Ateliér KONCEPT: Revitalizing Aš’s Park of Memories

    The Park of Memories in Aš, designed by SOA architekti and Ateliér KONCEPT, represents a unique approach to urban revitalization, blending the geographical and symbolic elements of the area. This ambitious project seeks to revive the forgotten values of the past while guiding visitors through the city’s turbulent history. By using innovative design and technology, […] More

  • Hangzhou Chengbei MixC by 10 Design: Urban Living Redefined

      Amidst the urban scenery of Hangzhou’s Liangzhu New Town, CR Land’s Chengbei MixC stands out as a trailblazing commercial landmark, designed by 10 Design, a part of Egis’ Architecture Line. This development, featuring a Grade-A office tower and a vast 160,000 square-meter shopping mall, promises to reshape the city’s future Central Business District (CBD). […] More

  • 3XN GXN Wins International Competition to Design Chungnam Art Center

    3XN GXN, in collaboration with SIAPLAN and MDA, has been declared the winner of the international competition to design the Chungnam Art Center in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. This prestigious project will complete the Chungnam Art Precinct, establishing a new hub for cultural and artistic expression. The design reflects a harmonious blend of global architectural vision […] More

  • Consequence Forma Architects Revitalize Moravian Square Park

      The park on Moravian Square in Brno has emerged as a vibrant oasis, contrasting sharply with the city’s constant hustle and traffic. Designed by Consequence Forma Architects, this revitalized public space in Brno’s historic center integrates blue-green infrastructure, environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and community inclusivity, reflecting a comprehensive approach to urban renewal in the 21st […] More

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