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  • Porcelain Home

    Exploring The Versatility Of Porcelain In Home Design

    Imagine a material that’s both delicate and durable, classic yet modern, and capable of elevating any space in your home. That’s the magic of porcelain. From elegant vases to sleek bathroom tiles, porcelain has been a beloved choice in home design for centuries – and homemakers like yourself will find it a very endearing yet […] More

  • Mondejar Studio’s Design Masters Harmony of Light and Nature

    The house by Mondejar studio is located in a neighborhood near the center of Córdoba, just a short distance from the expansive San Martín Reserve, a lush green area that surrounds the city. It’s an area increasingly favored by families seeking a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. The occupants of this home are […] More

  • JARQ Studio’s Casa Los Molles: Redefining Mountain Living

    In the picturesque mountains of Córdoba, Argentina, JARQ Studio had a unique architectural challenge—to push the limits of local regulations while preserving the essence of a Central European village landscape. The client’s desire for a distinctive home within these constraints sparked the creation of a dwelling that breaks the mold of its neighbors. From the […] More

  • L’Embâcle by ABCP Architecture: A Serene Haven

      At the core of Québec’s Charlevoix area lies a symbol of contemporary architectural excellence and a tribute to the rugged northern scenery. L’Embâcle: Living in the Landscape, crafted by ABCP architecture and spearheaded by architect Bernard Serge Gagné, is a contemporary marvel perched atop Cap-à-l’Aigle. The house, inspired by the entangled ice blocks sculpted by […] More

  • ANACAPA’s Rincon House: Elevating Coastal Living to New Heights

    Located atop a mountain with distant views of the Channel Islands off the Santa Barbara coast, the design of this house effortlessly integrates with its surroundings. Crafted by the ANACAPA design team, architects have taken a deferential approach, acknowledging the profound beauty of the panoramic views and the immediate landscape. Rather than imposing upon the […] More

  • Crafting Contemporary Narratives: Everden Residence by StudioAC

    Everden Residence, located in Toronto, Canada, stands as an example to StudioAC‘s innovative approach to residential architecture. Designed with a focus on blending contemporary aesthetics with traditional notions of a home, Everden represents a unique spatial narrative. The three-story structure, reminiscent of stacked boxes, integrates elements such as gabled roofs to create a cohesive and […] More

  • Mateo Gagliardo’s Sustainable Living Project in Entre Ríos

      Nestled in the enchanting wetlands of the Paraná River Delta on “El Chiringüe” island, Mateo Gagliardo‘s architectural project emerges as a harmonious interplay between nature and design, a testament to innovative living in one of Argentina’s most beautiful ecosystems. This project, situated along the Lechiguana Stream in the province of Entre Ríos, is crafted […] More

  • Crafting Space and Nature: The RD House by Nasjelti Arquitectos

    In the heart of Argentina’s Sierras Chicas, within the lush environs of Mendiolaza, Córdoba, stands the RD House, a testament to architectural ingenuity and environmental reverence. Crafted by the acclaimed Nasjelti Arquitectos, this project emerges as a harmonious blend of modern design and natural beauty, completed in 2023 and spanning 210.00m2. HOUSING Perched amidst a […] More

  • Inside the Design of MALVINA ZAYAT’s House in the Clouds

    In the serene embrace of Salsipuedes’ native forest, 30 km from the bustling heart of Córdoba, Argentina, an architectural masterpiece known as “House in the Clouds” rises. Crafted by the innovative MALVINA ZAYAT architecture studio, this residence is a testament to the harmonious blend of modern design principles and the untouched beauty of nature. The […] More

  • 10 Iconic Mid-Century Modern Homes That Redefined Architecture

    Mid-century modern architecture, a style defined by clean lines, organic forms, and functional simplicity, revolutionized residential design in the 20th century. This design movement, spanning from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, produced some of the most iconic and groundbreaking houses. HOUSING Here are 10 such houses that not only exemplify mid-century modern design but also […] More

  • Five Modernist Homes Defining Los Angeles’ Architectural Heritage

    Emerging in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Modernist architecture was a decisive break from the past, casting aside historical precedents and traditions. Rooted in the ideals of the Modernist movement—predicated on innovation, functionality, and the rejection of superfluous ornamentation—this architectural style celebrates simplicity, clean lines, and an intrinsic connection to the surrounding environment. […] More

  • DS19 House by ARQ DIEGO JUNCOS

    Juncos & Assoc. Architecture designed this stunning private residence in Chacras de la Villa, Córdoba, Argentina. The essential premise of the concept, around which all communal and private daytime activities are organized, is that the central courtyard serves as the focal point and major core of the home. The backdrop for the furniture and decorations […] More

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