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  • DS19 House by ARQ DIEGO JUNCOS

    Juncos & Assoc. Architecture designed this stunning private residence in Chacras de la Villa, Córdoba, Argentina. The essential premise of the concept, around which all communal and private daytime activities are organized, is that the central courtyard serves as the focal point and major core of the home. The backdrop for the furniture and decorations […] More

  • Take a Tour of Casa La Arbolada by Architect Indiana Sarubi

    Architect Indiana Sarubi has recently completed works on this stunning private residence situated in La Paz (Entre Rios), Argentina. The project, which attempts to ask the natural terrain for permission to stand on it with the least amount of modification, was created based on the guidelines that the land and its surroundings supplied. It rests […] More

  • Discover SAOTA’s latest residential home in Los Angeles inspired by the Stahl House

    Cape Town-based architects SAOTA have recently completed works on Bellgave, a stunning private residence in Los Angeles. In the design of Bellgave, the architects drew on the modernist precedent established by the Stahl House and other groundbreaking Los Angeles Case Study Houses, reiterating and advancing some of their ground-breaking innovations that shaped the distinctive indoor-outdoor […] More

  • Nelson Resende

    House in Ovar Renovation by Architect Nelson Resende

    Architect Nelson Resende renovated this old house in Ovar, Portugal, that has been in an advanced state of degradation and gave it a new life, turning it into a family house with new uses and new spaces. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Older Property

    The Joys of Renovating an Older Property – Hidden Problems to Watch Out For

    Older homes have a lot to offer. They are usually more spacious, full of quirky features and character, and built on larger plots. However, whilst there are plenty of advantages to owning a period property, it is essential that you are aware of the potential issues you may face. However, before you start make sure […] More

  • Casa Piracicaba by Isay Weinfeld

    Isay Weinfeld‘s Casa Piracicaba is a home for a scattered Brazilian family, an escape from the frantic streets of Sao Paulo. Clean forms, open spaces and a light make an ideal foundation for the family’s gatherings. The three story, L shaped structure lays on a slopping land, which was a main problem. The architect overcame […] More

  • Condominio Baleia by Studio Arthur Casas

    Condominio Baleia in Sao Sebastiao, Brazil, designed by Arthur Casas of Studio Arthur Casas, is meant to be a dream home for the Marcondes family. With it’s bold geometric architecture it is a true example that it does not have to be cold and isolating. Simple materials and natural forms communicate with the verdant garden and […] More

  • HABIBI FOREVER by Knut Hovland and Abdelkarim El Achak

    Habibi Forever, designed by Norwegian architect Knut Hovland of Tupelo Arkitektur and the Moroccan Abdelkarim El Achak is located in Marrakesh, Morocco. The house is a mixture of Norwegian simplicity and Moroccan decorative aesthetics. Both Moroccan and Scandinavian architecture place great emphasis on the dialogue between internal and external spaces. – Knut Hovland The property […] More

  • N House by Iida Archiship Studio

    N House by Iida Archiship Studio is located in Karuizawa, Japan, a popular vacation destination. As the region’s popularity grown, the new buildings have damaged the forest. During the construction of this house, Iida didn’t cut any tree, he even planted more.  Not a single tree on the property was touched in the building of this […] More

  • Peter’s House by David Thulstrup

    Architect David Thulstrup turned a former factory garage in the Islands Brygge harbor district of Copenhagen into the private residence and studio for the photographer Peter Krasilnikoff. The original garage was space divided by 3 walls and with windows only on the front facade. The biggest problem for the architect was getting light into the building. […] More

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