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  • WÜRTH Serbia Training & Test Center by Dejan Todorovic

    Serbian architect Dejan Todorović transformed a 540 sqm warehouse into Würth Serbia training and test center, located in Belgrade. A polycarbonate wall divides the space in two – a demo center for CNC machines and a testing room for products. RELATED: INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE The first of the two spaces contains a large steel mesh cage […] More

  • How the Right Industrial Doors Can Benefit Your Business

    Standard issue doors and fittings are simply not compatible with industrial premises, which can impact how a business operates. This is the exact reason why industrial doors can make such a difference to a company. Different models of industrial doors have all been designed with specific functions in mind; this makes them ideally suited to […] More

  • W&Li Design

    L Residence by W&Li Design

    W&Li Design designed this stunning industrial apartment located in Taiwan,  in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Olha Wood

    Modern Industrial Apartment by Olha Wood

    Olha Wood designed this stunning modern apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine. The architects created a colorful interior with garden, yoga area and room for two sofa bed for guests. Placed on exposing apartment to natural light with garden along the central window, The kitchen and sofa area , that covered by partition of cherry wood, […] More