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  • Sofie Haug Day-Care by Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner

    Designed by Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner for the city of Tübingen, the Sofie Haug day-care center opened on Rosenauer Weg in 2022, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural beauty. This two-storey hybrid-timber building, with its walkout basement set into a slope, has become an architectural focal point that pays homage to […] More

  • Casa de Sintra: Functional Elegance by Tsou Arquitectos

    Casa de Sintra, situated within the serene wilderness of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, has undergone a transformative renovation led by Tsou Arquitectos. The original house featured small compartments and a narrow distribution corridor, with tight access to the attic that did not contribute to the overall living experience. This project aimed to optimize space management […] More

  • Maison Shefford: Blending Contemporary Living with Natural Beauty

    Maison Shefford, an extraordinary residence, is the result of a collaboration between MXMA Architecture & Design and Catlin Stothers Design. This innovative project showcases the creative synergy of these two Montreal firms, blending their expertise in architecture and interior design to create a distinctive living space. Situated on Mont Shefford in the Eastern Townships, this […] More

  • Ashley Botten Design Transforms Toronto Home

    An interior renovation in Toronto’s Highland Park neighborhood has masterfully blended heritage architecture with contemporary living, thanks to Ashley Botten Design. The Georgian-style residence, home to a family of six, has undergone a thoughtful expansion that includes an enlarged kitchen and a new primary bedroom with an ensuite bath on the second floor. The renovation […] More

  • RS Barcelona Launches Playful Innovations at Salone del Mobile

    RS Barcelona continues to showcase its dedication to the art of play at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, unveiling its latest innovations in game tables and furniture. With over fifteen years of experience, RS Barcelona has been advocating for play, infusing every day with a sense of adventure and fun. Their approach involves breaking […] More

  • Very Simple: Kitchen Revolutionizes Milan Design Week

    Very Simple: Kitchen is making waves at the Milan Design Week this year, as it celebrates its remarkable journey of transforming the kitchen industry with the support of its dedicated community. As one of the most anticipated events in the design and furniture calendar, Very Simple: Kitchen is gearing up to showcase its latest innovations […] More

  • No Architects

    Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2024

    As the epicenter of home and family life, the kitchen serves multiple roles, from a busy breakfast spot to a late-night chatting corner. The evolving needs of homeowners and advances in technology and materials continuously shape kitchen design trends. In 2024, several key trends are emerging that prioritize openness, technological integration, sustainability, and multifunctionality, reflecting […] More

  • vetsak & ASPESI: Fashion Meets Furniture

    vetsak, the innovative German furniture design brand, has teamed up with ASPESI, the renowned fashion label, to create a groundbreaking capsule collection that blurs the lines between fashion and design. This collaboration represents a fusion of creativity, sustainability, and craftsmanship, as both brands leverage their shared values to breathe new life into products. vetsak, a […] More

  • Antonínská Apartment’s Design Symphony by Markéta Bromová architekti

    The Antonínská Apartment, skillfully reimagined by Markéta Bromová architekti, represents the  balance between preserving the original character of a space and adapting it to modern living needs. Situated within a functionalist house near Strossmayer Square in Prague, the 125 m2 apartment posed a unique challenge due to its predefined spatial division and materials. However, the […] More

  • Maya Sheinberger’s DI Apartment: A Showcase of Durability

    Located in Tel Aviv, this 150 sqm duplex apartment stands as an example to the fusion of modern minimalist design and a welcoming, familial ambiance. Crafted by the Maya Sheinberger, the space represents the art of interior design, with each corner telling its own story and every material chosen with care. A defining feature of […] More

  • Komon Architekti’s Villa Bianca: Bridging Past and Future

    The historical Villa Bianca symbolizes the architectural skill and expertise of Jan Kotěra, whose vision in 1910-11 brought to life an iconic structure. Over the years, the villa underwent various transformations, culminating in a radical renovation in 2003 under the expertise of Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat. While the exterior pays homage to Kotěra’s original design, […] More

  • Paulo Moreira’s Casa Cedofeita: A Modern Classic

    At the core of Porto’s vibrant downtown, an old bourgeois building, Casa Cedofeita, has undergone a stunning transformation into a five-bedroom residence. This ambitious project by Paulo Moreira Architectures seamlessly blends two distinct dimensions: a careful restoration of the original structure using traditional materials and techniques, and the introduction of innovative wooden volumes to accommodate […] More

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