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  • Aircraft Engine To Change The Airplanes and Save 20% of Fuel Consumption Comes in 2035

    Airplanes are in for a big change as the aviation industry is considering a fully new aircraft engine redesign. The redesign is consistent with aviation industries continuing quest for lower fuel consumption. The latest redesign was revealed last year for the first time by Olivier Andriès the CEO of Safran.  This new engine redesign by […] More

  • Discover Plume designed by CLB Architects

    Discover Plume designed by CLB Architects

    CLB Architects recently completed works on ‘Plume’, a temporary installation now on display in Jackson, Wyoming. Residing on the grounds of the Teton County Library, Plume is part of the annual GlowNights celebration, an exhibit of light-based installations put on by the Jackson Hole Public Art. The various artworks energize community public spaces in an […] More

  • Bouygues Immobilier's ‘PolyRoom’ designed by Cutwork

    Discover Bouygues Immobilier’s ‘PolyRoom’ Prototype Prefab Unit designed by Cutwork

    Paris-based architecture design studio, Cutwork has designed a pioneering ‘PolyRoom’ prototype prefab unit for Bouygues Immobilier’s new shared living brand, launching across France in 2023. ‘PolyRoom’ is a modular studio prototype unit that reimagines compact, multi-use space to establish a new concept of today’s bedroom – designed to be reconfigured to fit the user’s changing […] More

  • Look for These Signs of Brick and Foundation Damage When Shopping for a Home

    Look for These Signs of Brick and Foundation Damage When Shopping for a Home

    Brick houses are usually more expensive than other types of construction because of their highly prized characteristics. They are solid, well-insulated, and can stand the test of time provided they were correctly constructed and have a solid foundation. When you’re shopping for a home and looking at brick houses, it’s crucial to keep in mind […] More