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  • Oscar Niemeyer: A Visionary Architect Shaping the World with Curves

    Renowned for his iconic curvilinear designs, Oscar Niemeyer stands tall as one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. Born on December 15, 1907, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Niemeyer’s life and work have left an indelible mark on the world of architecture. His distinct style, characterized by fluid lines, innovative use of […] More

  • Ecuador Is To Get a Philippe Starck Tower

    Philippe Starck Tower designed by the team of architects behind the residential YOO GYE skyscraper that will be built in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in conjunction with YOO Inspired by Starck, has been revealed by the company that will develop the project, Uribe Schwarzkopf. The Philippe Starck Tower with an expected height of 176 meters will be […] More

  • up chair gaetano pesce

    GAETANO PESCE: What You Need To Know

    Gaetano Pesce is an Italian architect, designer, and artist known for his innovative and provocative approach to design. Born on November 8, 1939, in La Spezia, Italy, Pesce has made significant contributions to the world of design over the course of his career. Gaetano Pesce Early Days During his early days, Pesce studied architecture at […] More

  • Lina Bo Bardi And Brazilian Culture Celebrated by Bottega Veneta

    On May 24th, Bottega Veneta will celebrate Brazilian culture by hosting a one-of-a-kind artistic program at Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa de Vidro (Glass House) in Sao Paulo. The event will take place on the 24th. The first chapter of the brand’s cultural exchange series, “The Square,” debuted in Dubai in 2022, and was then followed […] More

  • Gurdau Winery Redefines The Wine House With Aleš Fiala

    The newly established Gurdau Winery, which is claiming the rich wine-growing legacy of Moravia, commissioned the Aleš Fiala architecture studio to create a new wine house for the winery. The structure was purposely and poetically placed in the middle of the vineyards, which imposed stringent requirements for the building’s integration with the surrounding landscape. The landscape […] More

  • METROTOPIA by Zaha Hadid Architects and ArchAgenda Is Here

    METROTOPIA is a novel endeavour in the metaverse that has been announced and launched by Zaha Hadid Architects and ArchAgenda, which is situated in Chicago. METROTOPIA is geared toward becoming the virtual communication hub for the international design community. The vernissage and opening of a virtual Venice Architecture Biennale exhibition called “Knowledge Transfer” will mark […] More

  • Jingke City Light Sales Center designed by AOD

    Design firm AOD finished their latest project Jinke City Light. AOD creates the lively epitome of community life with the concept of urban life located in Qionglai. The designer endeavors to extend the upper classes’ ultimate expectation for future life and construct fine modern residence through diversified scene experience and young community atmosphere with completed […] More

  • Ceramic Tile Display An Example of Showroom Experience

    Good retail is knowing how people live and shop, and therefore how we should sell. Today it is still amazing at times when we see people viewing retail only as the physical store. A store is not a place to buy stuff from. When it comes to the design industry, we are finally back to […] More

  • MINI Urban Exhibition Hall in Changsha

    ARCHIHOPE is sharing with us their latest project, the MINI Urban Exhibition Hall located in Changsha, China.  The design mixed the sci-fi sentiment with an eye-catching nod to minimalism to create the design concept behind the exhibition hall. The design of the Mini Urban Exhibition Hall drives from the DNA of the MINI brand itself. […] More

  • Home Exterior Details To Make Your Home Unique And Peaceful

    Your home is your sanctuary. You can unwind there after a long day at work and get ready for the next one. You want to make sure that your home is as unique and peaceful as possible, and that’s why it’s important to add exterior details that reflect your personality. In this blog post, we […] More

  • Wutopia Lab Creates Another Impressive Space for Duoyun Bookstore

    Wutopia Lab team shares with us their show-stopping design for the dreamy parent-child bookstore.  The Miro store of Duoyun Bookstore was designed as a unique building located in the Jiangsu Spring Blossom Culture and Creative Town. The bookstore opened its doors in October at DreamTown in Yancheng, Jiangsu (China). Continue reading to discover more of […] More

  • How Is Drone Videography Beneficial In The Construction Industry

    Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are impacting how new buildings are being constructed. They’re changing how the construction industry collects data and generates imagery to assist each project. Video capture, in particular, has led to significant advantages in various stages of production to provide project managers, engineers, and laborers with valuable information when […] More

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