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  • Kettal Pays Tribute to Dion and Richard Neutra’s Iconic Design

    Kettal presents the Penthouse from Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House II, a building constructed in 1963 that embodies his architectural theories such as “biorealism,” which denotes the relationship between architecture and health. This masterful replication updates the original design with modern materials and construction techniques while faithfully adhering to all the structural details defined by […] More

  • BE MATE venice

    BE MATE Venice Residences With THDP

    BE MATE expanded its presence last year in Venice with the addition of 12 luxury apartment residences, meticulously designed by the THDP architecture office. Architect Manuela Mannino spoke with our Editor Zarko Davinic about the inspiration drawn from Venice’s rich heritage, the challenges of renovating a protected building, and the integration of modern hospitality needs […] More

  • Green Architecture: Designing Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Buildings

    The urgent need for sustainable solutions has pressed the architecture and construction industries to embrace a paradigm shift towards green architecture. This approach to designing buildings focuses on creating structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible, resource-efficient, and energy-conscious. But what goes into this type of build? Read on to learn […] More

  • Freddy Mamani and the Neo-Andean Renaissance

    In the bustling streets of El Alto, Bolivia, amid the backdrop of the majestic Andes Mountains, a colorful architectural revolution is taking place. At the forefront of this movement stands Freddy Mamani, a visionary architect whose innovative designs are reshaping the urban landscape and revitalizing indigenous culture. Through his bold use of color, geometric shapes, […] More

  • Stainless Steel Reshaping Architecture: Rise of Parametric

    In contemporary architecture, stainless steel has emerged as a revolutionary material, enabling architects and designers to push the boundaries of creativity and engineering. The advent of parametric architecture, spearheaded by visionaries like Zaha Hadid Architects, Gehry Partners, Bjarke Ingels Group,  has particularly benefited from the versatility and strength of stainless steel. And today Parametric architecture […] More

  • SRG Partnership Joins CannonDesign

    SRG Partnership, a leading architecture, interiors, and planning firm based in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, has recently merged with CannonDesign, marking a significant moment. This strategic union brings together two powerhouses in the industry, each renowned for their commitment to creating spaces that positively impact people, communities, and the environment. With this merger, SRG […] More

  • Avilés Urban Flat Receives Modern Makeover

    Situated in the urban center of Avilés (Asturias), a 112m2 flat, photographed by Ivo Tavares, underwent a comprehensive refurbishment by architect David Olmos. With its initially compartmentalized and elongated layout, the space posed a challenge in terms of functionality and flow. The main facade, facing south, housed the living room and two bedrooms, while the kitchen, […] More

  • Redwood Tribe: Shared Culinary Experience by Studio

    Redwood Tribe restaurant, located in the serene Hongqiyang Village, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, was once a local folk house, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. To the north are green rice fields, and to the south is a peaceful pond surrounded by tall dawn redwood trees. Despite the absence of foliage during the architects’ inaugural visit, the […] More

  • Agata Kurzela Studio’s Creative Makeover of AD Government Office

    The AD Government Office, a project by Agata Kurzela Studio, is situated under an undulating roof on the last level of a heritage building. Initially designed for a government body overseeing public projects, the space also hosts workshops and exhibitions. A significant challenge was accommodating fluctuating office occupancy due to varying numbers of external consultants. […] More

  • Studio House by Christian Schlatter

    Captured by Gonzalo Viramonte, Studio House sits on the western slopes of the Sierras Chicas, offering a panoramic view of Cordoba city. Tucked within the mountain’s folds, Studio House seamlessly integrates with its natural setting, presenting a modern interpretation of rustic living. Architected by Christian Schlatter, Studio House is more than a home; it’s a […] More

  • Iceland Volcano Museum by Studio RE+N

    Postioned in the Myvatn region of Iceland, the Iceland Volcano Museum, crafted by Studio RE+N, pays homage to the majestic beauty of its surroundings. Winner of the prestigious 2023 Architecture MasterPrize in the Conceptual Architecture category, this museum seamlessly blends into the landscape with its innovative design. Architect Yuting Zhang, Co-Founder and Design Director of […] More

  • Klein Blue Hills & White Cliff: Architectural Excellence from Wutopia Lab

    At EKA Park‘s center, a subtle link binds the Copper Blockhouse and the red brick building. Tracking the water line reveals its start in the park’s northern region, where Wutopia Lab transformed a roof-covered stockyard and duty room into the Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff.  Conceived with careful planning, the park unfolds like a […] More

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