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  • NORLANA for NEOM by 10 Design

    NEOM recently unveiled Norlana, a sophisticated, wellness-oriented coastal community along the Gulf of Aqaba, marking the latest progression in the dynamic regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia. Conceptualized by 10 Design, this exclusive enclave is set to accommodate 3,000 inhabitants, offering them a blend of modern luxury and cutting-edge technology, thereby establishing a new benchmark […] More

  • 10 Design: The Galaxy International Convention Center Uncovered

    In the heart of Macau (China), a new landmark has risen, redefining the city’s skyline and setting a new standard in architectural excellence. The Galaxy International Convention Center (GICC), envisioned and brought to life by the renowned 10 Design, a part of Egis Group, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing expansion of the Galaxy […] More

  • Zhongxun Times by 10 Design

    This mixed use office and retail development by 10 Design practice, sits centrally within the new Danzishi Central Head Quarters in Chongqing, that sits on the banks of the Yangtze River. For more images and architects description continue after the jump: More

  • Badshahpur IT Park by 10 Design

    Project: Badshahpur IT Park Designed by 10 Design Project Leader: Gordon Affleck, Kishor Lad Project Team: Nigel Height, Lukasz Wawrzenczyk, Abraham Fung Landscape Team: Ewa Koter, Caterina Choi, Matthew Younger, Ibrahim Diaz GFA: 150 000 sqm2 Location: Badshahpur, Gurgaon, India Website: Badshahpur IT Park design shaped for a location in the fast-growing Indian city of Gurgaon comes our […] More

  • Infinity Loop Bridge by 10 DESIGN + Buro Happold

    Project: Infinity Loop Bridge Designed by 10 Design + Buro Happold Design Partners: Gordon Affleck & Adrian Boot Project Team: David Emmer, Colin Ashton, Adrian Boot, Carlo Maria Ciampoli, Frisly Collop, Phil Gray, Magic Kwan, Mike Kwok, Jon Martin & Rob Rodriguez Buro Happold Team: Kien Hoang , Hayden Nuttall Location: Zhuhai , China Website: 10 Design is sharing with us their latest […] More

  • Yabao Hi-Tech Enterprises Headquarter Park by 10 Design

    Project: Yabao Hi-Tech Enterprises Headquarter Park Designed by 10 Design Design Partner: Ted Givens Managing Partner: David Pringle Architectural Team: Maciej Setniewski, Peby Pratama, Tatsu Hayashi, Abraham Fung, Emre Icdem, Jon Martin, Ru Chen, Shane Dale Landscape Team: Ewa Koter, Ting Fung Chan Masterplan Area: 62 ha GFA: 1 050 000 sqm Location: Futian District, Shenzhen, China Website: Design project for the massive […] More

  • Dalian Library by 10 Design

    Project: Dalian Library Designed by 10 Design Design Team: Ted Givens, Mohamad Ghamlouch, Emre Icdem, Judy Chan and Abraham Fung Client: Dalian Planning Bureau  Site Area: 45 400 sqm GFA: 55 400 sqm Building Height &Nos of Floors: +39.00m / 6F above ground, 2F below ground Location: Dalian, China Website: 10 Design shares with us their impressive project proposal for […] More

  • Dalian Museum Competition Design by 10 Design

    Project: Dalian Museum Designed by 10 Design Design Team: Ted givens, Peby Pratama, Adrian Yau, Audrey Ma, Laura Rusconi Clerici, Shane Dale Landscape Design: Ewa Koter Client: Dalian Planning Bureau Location: Dalian, China Website: Shaped in their signature aesthetic 10 Design shares one of their latest projects, an impressive proposal for the Dalian Museum in China. Form of […] More

  • Masterplan for a CBD in Pingtan by 10 Design

    Project: Masterplan Designed by 10 Design Design Partner: Gordon Affleck Architecture Team: Brian Fok, Francisco Fajardo, Frisly Colop Morales, Laura Rusconi Clerici, Lukasz Wawrzenczyk, Maciej Setniewski, Mike Kwok, Ryan Leong, Shane Dale Landscape Team: Ewa Koter, Fabio Pang Site Area: 93 hectare GFA: 2,315,000 sqm Function: China-Taiwan Cross Strait Forum Venue, Theatre, Convention Centre, Exhibition Centre, Auxiliary Commercial & Cultural Facilities, […] More

  • Tornado House by Ted Givens AIA

    Project: Tornado House Designed by Ted Givens AIA (Design Partner at 10 Design) Design Team: Ted Givens, Trey Tyler, Mohamad Ghamlouch, Shane Dale, Dougald Fountain Website: 10 Design shares their Tornado House project which in an interesting new way explores the wast potentials of kinetic architecture. For more images and architects description continue after the jump: More

  • Indigo Tower by 10 Design

    Project: Indigo Tower Designed by 10 Design Website: The future is here with a concept project by Hong Kong based architecture firm lO who created a building ready to improve the quality of built environment, Indigo Tower project takes on the problem of urban pollution with use of nano coating of titanium dioxide TiO2. The building itself would […] More