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  • eCoworking by Evgeni Leonov Architects

    Project: eCoworking Designed by Evgeni Leonov Architects Creative Director: Evgeni Leonov Partner-in-Charge: Julija Line Client: Betahaus Website: Design of an innovative work-space aiming to improve productivity between coworkers comes from Evgeni Leonov Architects practice. The proposal is made for an international ideas contest – Betahaus | Coworking Challenge and it provides a possible answer.  Discover more of their solution after the […] More

  • First Stage Winnning Proposal for ISOVER 2012 by Evgeni Leonov Architects

    Project: Winnning Proposal for ISOVER 2012 Designed by Evgeni Leonov Architects Creative Director: Evgeni Leonov Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom Website: Evgeni Leonov Architects shares with us their impressive project design for ISOVER 2012, this winning proposal is shaped for a location in Nottingham. For more behind the design continue after the jump:  More

  • Connecting Rooftop by Evgeni Leonov Architects

    Project: Connecting Rooftop Designed by Evgeni Leonov Architects  Location: New York, USA Website: Connecting Rooftop project is an impressive design coming from Evgeni Leonov Architects, discover more of their solution after the jump: More

  • Iconic Pedestrian Bridge by Evgeni Leonov Architects

    Project: Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Designed by Evgeni Leonov Architects Architects: Evgeni Leonov Architects Project Director: Evgeni Leonov Project Team: Evgeni Leonov, Jevgenijs Busins Project Team: Adam Wiercinski, Borys Wrzeszcz Total Area: 1080 m2 Total Area: 250 m2 Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Website: Evgeni Leonov Architects share with us their showstopping design for the much talked about pedestrian bridge competition in Amsterdam hosted by [AC-CA]. More