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  • Museum of Bavarian History by Hans Hollein & Partner

    Hans Hollein & Partner designed a proposal for the New Bavarian History Museum located in Regensburg, Germany. According to them: The new Museum of Bavarian history is a didactic sculpture in urban space narrating the past and future, rooted in the traditions of the preceding and coming generations. More images and description after the break. More

  • Meixihu Culture & Arts Centre by Hans Hollein & Partner

    Project: Meixihu Culture & Arts Centre Designed by Hans Hollein & Partner Partner in Charge: Christoph Monschein Project Team: Ulf Kotz, Hisa-Wei Wang, SanHwan Lu, Gerrie Venter, Martin Rapp, Mansour Mosawi Visuals: ZoomVP Photo Credit: Atelier Hollein Client: Meixihu Industry Co., Ltd  Size: 300 000 m2 Location: Changsha, China  Website: The massive Meixihu Culture & Arts Centre building designed by Hans Hollein & Partner architecture practice, […] More