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  • Rastar R&D Headquarters by Nomad Office Architects + Greendwell

        Project: Rastar Research & Design Headquarters Designed by Nomad Office Architects + Greendwell Design Team: Larry Tsoi, Justin Law, Carman Hui Location: Shantou, China Website: Project for Rastar R&D Headquarters in the fast growing Chinese city of Shantou comes our way from Nomad Office Architects who completed the solution in collaboration with Greendwell. For more images as […] More

  • In Between Library Daegu by Nomad Office Architects + Greendwell

    Project: In Between Library Daegu Designed by Nomad Office Architects + Greendwell Project Team: Alice Wong , Alvin Kung , Justin Law , Larry Tsoi , Yongbeom Ji , William Ma Location: Daegu, South Korea Website: Nomad Office Architects share with us In Between Library, their landmark project design shaped for a location in South Korean city of Daegu in collaboration with Greendwell. For more images as […] More

  • Time Space Continuum bu Nomad Office Architects

    Project: Time Space Continuum Designed by Nomad Office Architects Project Team: Justin Law, Larry Tsoi Location:  Hong Kong , China Website: Nomad Office Architects are sharing with us their impressive Time Space Continuum artwork, along with more images the architects explain the idea behind the design after the jump: More

  • King Yin Heritage Garden in Hong Kong by N-O-Architects

    Project: King Yin Heritage Garden Designed by Nomad Office Architects Location: Hong Kong, China Website: N-O-Architects share with us their King Yin Heritage Garden project, taking on a heritage revitalization which is also expected to generate social impact and well being. For more of the project continue after the jump: More