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  • Department of Islamic Arts at Louvre by Mario Bellini + Rudy Ricciotti

    Project: Chapel of the Intercession Designed by Mario Bellini Architect(s)+ Rudy Ricciotti Architecture Client: Musée du Louvre Total Area: 6 800 sqm Location: Paris, France Website: & Chapel of the Intercession is work of Mario Bellini + Rudy Ricciotti shaped for Department of Islamic Arts at Louvre. More

  • Jean Cocteau Museum by Rudy Ricciotti

    Project: Jean Cocteau Museum Designed by Rudy Ricciotti Project Area: 2 700 sqm  Location: Menton, France  Website: Photographs: Agence Rudy Ricciotti, Lisa Ricciotti, Olivier Amsellem The impressive Jean Cocteau Museum in the south of France is work of Rudy Ricciotti, building shaped with a strong sentiment of avant-garde is housing all of the works donated by Severin Wunderman. More