Latest stories

  • Fire and Feathers by 44th Hill

    Taking inspiration from the rich culture of Portugal, 44th Hill architects created this cosy little 3 floor Fire and Feathers restaurant, situated on Fulham Road in Chelsea.  More

  • Amelie and Friends by 44th Hill

    Interior design of restaurant Amelie and Friends is shaped in collaboration between I Love Dust and 44th Hill architects. Their goal was to create a restaurant in the heart of Chichester (UK) with a sentiment of good vibe and pleasant atmosphere for their good friends at appropriately named Amelie and Friends. More

  • 52 North in Soho by 44th Hill

    44th Hill, the luxury retail design consultancy, has just completed a warm and cozzy interior of a bar on 52 North street in London's famed Soho, United Kingdom. More

  • The Alice House by 44th Hill

    Within West Hampstead 44th Hill's architects have created the brand and the bar The Alice House. By stripping the bar to its bare bones thay have given the bar a new life whilst instilling a ‘trendy’ touch for the creative audience. More