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  • studio

    Future Community Center, Xikou by studio Studio has successfully completed the construction of the Future Community Center in Xikou, marking the culmination of the Rural Future Community project. Situated in the heart of Xikou Town, this transformative endeavor aims to rejuvenate a residential quarter built for pyrite workers over six decades ago. The Future Community Center stands as the sole […] More

  • Mercado in Groningen by De Zwarte Hond and Loer Architecten

    In a significant stride towards urban revitalization and sustainability, the Mercado project, designed by the collaborative efforts of De Zwarte Hond and Loer Architecten, has reached completion, marking a new era for Groningen’s city centre. The project, a brainchild of developers MWPO and Beauvast, is a testament to the vision of creating a future-proof meeting […] More

  • The Most Unique Shipping Container Innovations

    As their name indicates, shipping containers are traditionally used for the shipping of heavy merchandise, materials, and goods. However, they are now being used in unique and inventive ways. This article will explore some of the most original and inspiring shipping container innovations and uses. Ten inventive ways that shipping containers are being used Here […] More

  • Büro Business Center by ZIKZAK Architects

    5QUEENS Development, a Limassol-based company, has unveiled plans for the Büro Business Center, a project that promises to redefine the skyline of the city’s business district. Collaborating with the esteemed ZIKZAK Architects for the façade design, this business center stands out as a beacon of environmental consciousness, integrating cutting-edge technology and design inspired by the […] More

  • CLOU architects

    CLOU Completes Capital Square Beijing Renovation

    CLOU architects have successfully completed the interior renovation of Capital Square Beijing, bringing a breath of fresh air to the iconic structure now standing as a beacon of contemporary workplace design. Commissioned by CapitaLand, the leading international real estate developer, CLOU embarked on a mission to revitalize the interior of the building and redefine its […] More

  • Superimpose Architecture

    Community Oasis by Superimpose Architecture

    As the trend of community-centric developments continues to rise in China, the emergence of community centers and community malls has become a noteworthy phenomenon. These innovative spaces not only encompass the traditional features of a mall but also integrate essential community services, such as sports facilities, libraries, and public event spaces. In response to this […] More

  • Wuhan 101 by Shenzhen 31 Design

    Shenzhen 31 Design has recently completed their latest residential project in Wuhan, China – Wuhan 101. The project combines the grandeur of a luxury hotel with the warmth and privacy of home living. and is setting a new standard for urban living, ushering in the 4.0 edition of penthouses in this ancient city. Located in […] More

  • pig design


    PIG DESIGN continues to push the boundaries of design by seamlessly merging the natural world with urban life. Their latest endeavor, WILD BACK, aims to rekindle the human connection with nature and foster vitality, memory, and fun within the urban landscape. WILD BACK is a stunning outdoor oasis nestled between the tranquil West Lake and […] More

  • Atelier L'Abri

    Maison Melba by Atelier L’Abri

    Atelier L’Abri has unveiled their latest project, Maison Melba, a passive-house retrofit that seamlessly blends sustainability and aesthetics in the idyllic Village of Frelighsburg.  Maison Melba, a name that evokes feelings of warmth and hospitality, represents a harmonious amalgamation of preservation, sustainability, and community spirit. Nestled amidst the meadows and orchards that characterize the picturesque […] More

  • UNStudio

    UNStudio designs a new mixed-use complex in the core of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Area

    The dynamic skyline of Hangzhou’s Qianjiang Century City is set to receive a stunning addition in the form of the Hiwell Amber Centre, a remarkable mixed-use complex designed by the renowned architectural firm UNStudio. This ambitious project, located at the heart of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Area, is poised to breathe new life into […] More

  • Henning Larsen

    Henning Larsen Unveils Vision for ‘Ponte Roma Quartier’

    The picturesque city of Bolzano, nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps, is set to undergo a big transformation as Henning Larsen unveils their latest urban project aimed at restoring and revitalizing a part of the city’s industrial zone. The ambitious undertaking, bearing the name ‘Ponte Roma Quartier,’ exemplifies Bolzano’s dedication to embracing adaptive […] More

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