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  • Choosing Contemporary & Art Decoration for Your Home’s Interior

    Whether you’re designing your first home or you’re thinking of updating your interiors, decors and various creative elements play huge roles in conveying your personal style. This is especially true when you’re a fan of modern details. Since modern design elements come in many shapes and forms, the possibilities for your home are practically endless. […] More

  • Interview with the Historian Jose Filipe Silva

    How the museums can help improve the landscape of the city? Over the centuries the architecture has played a certain part of role and has influenced not only artists but also created a certain type of image of a different city. Now the entire art history we can know only by visiting museums which still […] More

  • Whiteout Installation in Madison Square Park by Erwin Redl

    Madison Square Park Conservancy announced its thirty-fifth exhibition, Whiteout by artist Erwin Redl. Known for his spectacular light projects, artist proposed a luminous white carpet of LED lights across Madison Square Park‘s central Oval Lawn. Whiteout is comprised of hundreds of transparent white spheres, each embedded with a discrete, white LED light and suspended from a square grid of steel […] More

  • Help and Advice: How to Sell Your Art to Customers

    If you’re looking to get involved in the art-dealing business and start selling items as quickly as you can, then you’ve got a few options to consider. The chances are you’ll already have an idea of what types of art you want to sell, the next step is to make sure you can get this […] More