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  • Why do we use Blue light glasses?

    Why do we use Blue light glasses?

    Whenever the majority consider light, the principal pictures that may come to mind are white bright lights that fill their homes or the normal, warm daylight they are presented to consistently. However, many types and shades of light out there that really exist on a wide range, similar to the rainbows we can incidentally look […] More

  • The Fintech Office by WIT Design & Research

    WIT Design & Research finished their project The Fintech Office. The space is a user-friendly and co-working environment. The Fintech Office ? and the Dragon Restaurant made their debut during the pandemic in February, 2020, which made it hard and challenging. Several days later the entire space of the Fintech Office ? was rented by […] More

  • Bumble HQ in Austin by Mark Odom Studio

    Discover The Hive a.k.a. Bumble‘s Headquarters in Austin, Texas designed by Mark Odom Studio.  It’s always enjoyable to restore a structure to its original roots, especially one with elements dating back to 1960s architectural trends. My team and I were inspired to build on that foundation while making the Bumble team’s vision of a lifestyle-focused company headquarters come to […] More