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  • Turenscape Transforms Bangkok’s Old Tobacco Factory into Benjakitti Forest Park

    In the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, an ambitious project led by Turenscape has breathed new life into a former tobacco factory site, transforming it into a lush, green sanctuary. Despite a low budget and an 18-month timeline, this site has been converted into a vital public space that regulates stormwater, cleanses contaminated water, and provides […] More

  • SOA Architekti + Ateliér KONCEPT: Revitalizing Aš’s Park of Memories

    The Park of Memories in Aš, designed by SOA architekti and Ateliér KONCEPT, represents a unique approach to urban revitalization, blending the geographical and symbolic elements of the area. This ambitious project seeks to revive the forgotten values of the past while guiding visitors through the city’s turbulent history. By using innovative design and technology, […] More

  • The Moravian Square Park: A New Poetics of Urban Life

    Designed by Consequence Forma Architects, the Moravian Square Park in Brno has undergone a transformative revitalisation, emerging as a vibrant space that juxtaposes the city’s constant commotion with a serene yet active environment.  LANDSCAPE This ambitious project, authored by Martin Sládek and Janica Šipulová, meets the demands of the 21st century and integrates blue-green infrastructure […] More

  • Sokolniki Park in Moscow The 3rd Prize Design

    Netherlands based LOLA Landscape Architects team shares with us their awarded proposal for the design of Sokolniki Park in Moscow. LOLA practice has worked on their project in collaboration with Taller301, Land+CC and aZONE to win the third prize in the competition for the design of this massive urban affair. As the winners of the […] More