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  • MAKHNO Studio Presents Poroda House

    Poroda House by MAKHNO Studio, is a haven for a busy, multifaceted family whose daily life oscillates between public engagements and private moments. The challenge was to create a space that not only suits their status as media personalities, but also caters to their roles as parents and creative individuals. The design needed to harmonize […] More

  • The House of 7 Courtyards by Arquitectura Spinetta Studio

    Situated within the verdant expanses of Funes, Argentina, stands an architectural creation- “The House of the 7 Courtyards” by Arquitectura Spinetta studio, beautifully captured by Ramiro Sosa. This remarkable house, on a sprawling plot of land, emerged from a vision that spanned four years and three phases of construction. Despite the challenges posed by a […] More

  • Design Harmony: Inside Zhang Haihua’s Lake Tai Villa

    At Jiangsu Province’s Lake Tai, Design Director Zhang Haihua merges Eastern elegance with contemporary design in a 1,000-square-meter project, creating a serene ambiance.This fusion of classical aesthetics and modern architecture centers around a tranquil courtyard, integrating nature with interior spaces. Guided by minimalist principles, Haihua harmonizes Western modernism with Oriental refinement, creating an immersive experience […] More

  • Richard Neutra’s Lovell House and the Rise of the International Style

    The Lovell House, designed by the iconic architect Richard Neutra, stands as a seminal work in the development of modern architecture in the United States. Completed in 1929 in Los Angeles, California, this house represents Neutra’s visionary ideas and embodies the principles of the International Style, which emphasized volume over mass, balance rather than preconceived […] More

  • Restoring Heritage: AFL Build’s Victorian House Renovation in Bow

    AFL Build recently undertook a prestigious project, tasked with the refurbishment and extension of a Grade II listed Victorian house located in the heart of Bow. The house, which had fallen into disrepair, was in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul to restore its former glory. With expertise and precision, AFL Build embarked on a […] More

  • Izen Architecture Restores House 21

    Izen Architecture, a Toronto-based firm, has recently completed a mid-century modern restoration of House 21. The project combines historical preservation with contemporary updates to meet the needs of a young, urban family. The homeowners, two doctors who were on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, embarked on this renovation journey while juggling their demanding careers […] More

  • Saramagal House by Estúdio AMATAM

    Saramagal House, crafted by Estúdio AMATAM, rises as a symbol of contemporary design within a suburban landscape on the outskirts of Lisbon. Originating from an empty lot in a neighborhood devoid of a distinct identity, the project signifies a metamorphosis without disrupting its surroundings. The architects embraced the responsibility of enhancing the urban fabric and […] More

  • Veil House: Architects 5468796’s Innovative Residential Design

    Veil House, designed by 5468796 Architecture, has won the prestigious “Completed Buildings – House & Villa” award at the esteemed World Architecture Festival 2023 held in Singapore. This recognition highlights the project’s innovative approach to residential design and its successful execution in the heart of Winnipeg, Canada. Standing out among 18 shortlisted contenders worldwide, Veil […] More

  • Tuckey Design Studio Reveals Insights into 12 Hans Road Restoration

    Tuckey Design Studio has orchestrated a remarkable transformation within the historic confines of 12 Hans Road, infusing warmth and domesticity into the previously segmented Grade-II listed office building in Knightsbridge. Originally crafted by AH Mackmurdo in the 19th century, the townhouse had undergone a drastic metamorphosis in the 1980s, partitioned into individual offices with stark […] More

  • Mondejar Studio’s Design Masters Harmony of Light and Nature

    The house by Mondejar studio is located in a neighborhood near the center of Córdoba, just a short distance from the expansive San Martín Reserve, a lush green area that surrounds the city. It’s an area increasingly favored by families seeking a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. The occupants of this home are […] More

  • Casa Nato by ZDA Zupelli Design Architettura and Ghiroldi Design

    Casa Nato stands as a demonstration of pioneering architectural design, offering not just a home but an immersive experience. Divided into three distinct volumes, each serving a specific purpose, the villa represents organization and harmony in living spaces. The strategic arrangement ensures efficient separation of service areas from the more public zones, while also providing […] More

  • A Coastal Oasis in Folsom Lake by McClean Design

    Set in the tranquil landscapes of Northern California, overlooking the waters of Folsom Lake,  a remarkable architectural creation stands tall. Crafted by McClean Design, a premier contemporary residential design firm dedicated to the highest standards of modern design, this project showcases the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication. With a portfolio that spans across much of […] More

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