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  • BaF’s Taisugar Circular Village: Taiwan’s Landmark in Sustainable Living

    The Taisugar Circular Village (TCV) by BaF, in Tainan City stands as Taiwan’s pioneering residential project fully integrated with the circular economy ideology. Comprising three housing blocks, a Circular Demo House (C-House), and an Eco-House (E-House), TCV accommodates 351 rental units, an urban farm, and an eco-pond situated centrally in the courtyard. This ambitious project […] More

  • SOA Architekti + Ateliér KONCEPT: Revitalizing Aš’s Park of Memories

    The Park of Memories in Aš, designed by SOA architekti and Ateliér KONCEPT, represents a unique approach to urban revitalization, blending the geographical and symbolic elements of the area. This ambitious project seeks to revive the forgotten values of the past while guiding visitors through the city’s turbulent history. By using innovative design and technology, […] More

  • Techo-Bloc ‘s Futuristic Paving Patterns

    Techo-Bloc, a force of modern hardscaping, has presented  its latest Studio Collection for public spaces. This product is poised to bring a wave of fresh ideas into the field of landscape architecture, presenting a palette of over 800 design possibilities that promise to redefine  environments. Geared exclusively towards public spaces and commercial landscapes, this collection […] More

  • Innovative Urbanism: Vanke Coastal City by CLOU Architects

    In a groundbreaking development that redefines the essence of urban living, the Qingdao Vanke Coastal City in China emerges as an example of modern architecture and community-oriented design. Developed by CLOU Architects, this project sets a new standard in integrating work, living spaces, and leisure within a natural and panoramic environment. Vanke Coastal City Project […] More

  • Sokolniki Park in Moscow The 3rd Prize Design

    Netherlands based LOLA Landscape Architects team shares with us their awarded proposal for the design of Sokolniki Park in Moscow. LOLA practice has worked on their project in collaboration with Taller301, Land+CC and aZONE to win the third prize in the competition for the design of this massive urban affair. As the winners of the […] More