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  • Alessi 100-001 Exhibition

    Salone 2022: Alessi 100-001 Exhibition

    Alessi‘s centennial year is commemorated at Milan Design Week with the exhibition Alessi 100 – 001, which expresses the character of this Italian Design Factory as exemplified by its past, present, and future through the narration of the company’s 12 founding values of identity and practice in the field of applied arts. Alessi 100 – […] More

  • BALENCIAGA is Opening Their First Store In Prague

    Balenciaga is opening their first store in Prague, Czech Republic on June 13th, 2022. Space of the store is spacious and is on 121 square meters, also façade is restored in brand’s Raw Architecture concept that is introduced in September 2021 with a number of renovations worldwide. The new direction reacts to a site’s existing […] More

  • West County Club by We Design

    Expolre West County Club Sales centar at Vanke Hangzhou curated by We Design that in located in Hangzhou, China. The West County Club is a model for the interpretation of nature and life in the landscape of Liangzhu civilization, and is evolving the millennial cultural heritage of Liangzhu. We Design team is using professional furnishing […] More

  • Selva Alegre residence designed by Leppanen Anker Arquitectura

      Leppanen Anker Arquitectura finished their project Selva Alegre residence located in Ecuador. Selva Alegre was created to take inspiration from the surrounding environment the Andes Mountains. Residence was made as a modern version of the historic Spanish hacienda that dominates the mountainous landscapes from Columbia to Peru. The traditional hacienda in Ecuador was meant […] More

  • STUDIO8 designs GUD Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Hangzhou

      STUDIO8 was commissioned to design the architecture re-use, interior and visual identity for GUD Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. The restaurant & coctail bar is located in a heritage building from the 1930s in the central area of Hangzhou. Throughout the modern history of China, the villa was almost “eaten up” by the city from […] More

  • Why Use Architectural Visualization?

    Architectural visualization – the art of creating 3D models of buildings – has been an important part of architecture for a long time. Many companies rely on it very heavily, and it has saved a lot of projects from encountering serious technical or architectural issues further down the line. But what makes it useful, and […] More

  • Balenciaga Is Opening A New Store In London

    Balenciaga is opening a new store on New Bond Street in London. The Balenciaga New Bond Street store covers three floors over 710 square meters offering women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, accessories, eyewear, jewelry, and objects. The space will have Raw Architecture concept, which was introduced in September 2021 at Balenciaga’s UK flagship on […] More

  • Aircraft Engine To Change The Airplanes and Save 20% of Fuel Consumption Comes in 2035

    Airplanes are in for a big change as the aviation industry is considering a fully new aircraft engine redesign. The redesign is consistent with aviation industries continuing quest for lower fuel consumption. The latest redesign was revealed last year for the first time by Olivier Andriès the CEO of Safran.  This new engine redesign by […] More

  • Discover Plume designed by CLB Architects

    Discover Plume designed by CLB Architects

    CLB Architects recently completed works on ‘Plume’, a temporary installation now on display in Jackson, Wyoming. Residing on the grounds of the Teton County Library, Plume is part of the annual GlowNights celebration, an exhibit of light-based installations put on by the Jackson Hole Public Art. The various artworks energize community public spaces in an […] More

  • The DIOR Men’s Fall 2022 Show Scenography

    Kim Jones returns to his hometown of London to present Dior Men’s Fall 2022 collection. Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novel “On the Road”, the collection, presented at Olympia London is a celebration of ceaseless imagination. Literary and literal, the influence of the Beat Generation was the inspiration for the scenography, representing a supersized recreation of […] More

  • BALENCIAGA Is Opening A New Store In Berlin

    Balenciaga is opening the new store in Berlin! The newly designed space will be built into the historic Haus Cumberland. The store will feature an open plan design with over 296 square meters, offering women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, accessories, eyewear, and jewelry. FASHION RETAIL The space will have Balenciaga’s Raw Architecture concept, unfinished […] More

  • Biophilic Design In Architecture

    Biophilic Design In Architecture

    Biophilic design is an extension of the biophilia theory, which recognizes that the human species has evolved for more than 99 percent of its history in an adaptive response to natural factors rather than human-created or artificial causes. We were biologically programmed to recognize and associate with natural aspects and processes. The term biophilic design […] More

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