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  • DIOR Runway Set Design for Men’s Summer 2025 Collection

    The Dior Men’s Summer 2025 runway show in Paris was nothing short of spectacular, where the Kim Jones’ celebration of craftsmanship took center stage through its striking set design. Dominated by the artistic influence of renowned South African ceramist Hylton Nel, the runway was transformed into a sculptural gallery, each piece telling its own story […] More

  • Concrete Elegance: Discover Pulkra’s Dome Collection

    Pulkra, a design brand known for celebrating the materiality of concrete, introduces the stunning new DOME collection, crafted by the visionary duo Pio & Tito Toso. This collection showcases freestanding bathtubs, sophisticated shower trays, and elegant washbasins, all becoming focal points in their environments. BATHROOMS Pulkra’s creations are made from Acron, a CFRC composite cement […] More

  • Dieffebi Unveils Playful Lifestyle Collection by Elisa Ossino

    Dieffebi, known for its commitment to flexible, modular, and ergonomic design, has once again pushed the boundaries of what modern furniture can achieve. Working closely with designers, the company has developed innovative work systems that seamlessly blend into both professional and personal environments, emphasizing comfort and functionality. FURNITURE In recent years, Dieffebi has been at […] More

  • La Casa Dentro Exhibition by Formafantasma

    Milan’s esteemed Fondazione ICA Milano is set to host “La Casa Dentro,” a compelling solo exhibition by Formafantasma that probes deep into themes of personal identity and collective memory, from April 10th to July 19th, 2024. Curated by Alberto Salvadori, the exhibition unveils a new body of work specially developed to critique the canons of Modernism, […] More

  • Alcova 2024: Introducing the Future of Design

    The seventh edition of Alcova, renowned as an international platform for contemporary design, promises to captivate audiences once again. This year, the event takes on a twist as it unfolds within the historic settings of two iconic villas in the Milan metropolitan area: Villa Bagatti Valsecchi and Villa Borsani. Alcova has firmly established itself as […] More

  • The Fuoripista Bike by ELITE

    The Fuoripista Bike by ELITE, designed in collaboration with Adriano Design and ELITE’s R&D team, represents a revolution in stationary cycling. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, this interactive bike offers both a smart and high-performance workout experience. Interactivity at its Core Equipped with a double communication protocol, the Fuoripista Bike interacts with various […] More

  • nendo Presents ‘Whispers of Nature’ Exhibit at Milan Design Week

    Amidst Milan Design Week 2024, nendo presents an homage to nature with their exhibition, “nendo: whispers of nature,” hosted at Paola Lenti Milano. This event marks twenty years of nendo‘s presence at the event, inviting attendees to explore nature’s charm anew. Through careful craftsmanship, nendo translates the delicate whispers of nature into captivating artworks. At […] More

  • SRG Partnership Joins CannonDesign

    SRG Partnership, a leading architecture, interiors, and planning firm based in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, has recently merged with CannonDesign, marking a significant moment. This strategic union brings together two powerhouses in the industry, each renowned for their commitment to creating spaces that positively impact people, communities, and the environment. With this merger, SRG […] More

  • Techo-Bloc ‘s Futuristic Paving Patterns

    Techo-Bloc, a force of modern hardscaping, has presented  its latest Studio Collection for public spaces. This product is poised to bring a wave of fresh ideas into the field of landscape architecture, presenting a palette of over 800 design possibilities that promise to redefine  environments. Geared exclusively towards public spaces and commercial landscapes, this collection […] More

  • Puigmigliore Arkw Lamp: Where Form Meets Function

    Puigmigliore ‘s Arkw lamp presents a combination of structural innovation and natural inspiration, encapsulating the essence of the arch in an architecturally engaging manner. At the core of their lamp design lies a basic arch-shaped structure, carefully repeated at varying scales, echoing the intricate patterns found in fractal configurations. This approach infuses the lamp with […] More

  • JEFFREY Lamp: +kouple’s Eco-Friendly Lighting Solution

    The JEFFREY lamp by +kouple represents a revolutionary blend of modern design and eco-conscious innovation. Crafted by designer Dan Vakhrameyev, this lamp offers aesthetically pleasing illumination and also incorporates sound-absorbing capabilities, courtesy of recycled PET felt. Through a partnership with Re:Quiet, the lamp aims to minimize noise reverberation in office spaces or open-concept living areas, […] More

  • Mastering the Art: How to Use a Laser Level Outdoors in Daylight

    In the world of construction, renovation, and landscaping projects, precision is paramount. A laser level is a versatile tool that aids in achieving accuracy and efficiency, whether you’re hanging shelves, installing tiles, or setting up outdoor structures. While many may associate laser levels with indoor use, mastering the technique of using them outdoors in daylight […] More

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