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  • Condo Tower by B+U Architects

    Project: Condo Tower Designed by B+U Architects Design Principals: Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu  Project Team: Nema Ashjaee (lead), Aaron Ryan, Jack Gaumer, Ricardo Lledo, Anthony Morey Size: 5 000 sqm  Location: Lima, Peru Website: The eye-catching Condo Tower design shaped for a location in Lima, comes from the drawing board of B+U Architects.  More

  • Sci-Fi Architecture by B+U Architects

    Project: Untitled Designed by B+U Architects Website: The proposal for this mixed use office building in Los Angeles, California creates a world-class landmark building aiming to enhance the cities vision as the premier quality city in the southeast area of Los Angeles County and to revitalize the industrial landscape of the site into a […] More