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  • Fulldome Experience Center by FORMA

    Project: Fulldome Experience Center Designed by FORMA Project Team: Oleksiy Petrov, Iryna Miroshnykova, Alice Magirovska, Dmytro Prutkin, Vadim Sidash, Victoria Leonchenko, Anna Dobrova Client: Fulldome.Pro. Building Area: 3 500 m2 Location: Bangkok, Thailand Website: Fulldome Experience Center is a showstopping design coming from FORMA architects created for location in Bangkok. For more images as well as architects description continue after the jump: More

  • “Ostrovok 1” by Forma Architects

    Project: "Ostrovok 1" Designed by Forma Architects Project Team: Volodymyr Petrov, Oleksiy Petrov, Vadim Sidash, Iryna Miroshnykova, Anton Izhakevich, Dmytro Prutkin, Alice Magirovska, Anna Dobrova Client: Skolkovo Area: 13 350 sq m  Location: Skolkovo, Near Moscow, Russia Website: Ostrovok 1 in Russia's town or Skolkovo is work of Forma Architects, with their design they explore a unique island form concept. Discover more after the […] More

  • Busan Opera House by FORMA

    Project: Busan Opera House Design by FORMA Credits: Oleksiy Petrov, Irina Miroshnykova, Dmytro Prutkin, Alice Magirovskaya, Anton Izhakevich­ Clent: Busan Metropolitan City Site area:  34 928 m2 Total area: 62 300 Built-up area: on ground: 3 245 m2; above ground: 9000 m2; total: 12 245m2; Theatre plaza: amphiteatre: 1896 m2; plaza: 3015m2; total: 4911; Location: Busan, South Korea Website: […] More