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  • Jeju World Heritage Center by poly.m.ur

    Project: Saemangum Exhibition Center Designed by poly.m.ur Project Team: Homin Kim, Chris S. Yoo, Suk-hee Kwon, Yei-seul Oh, Eun-yu Lee, Kwang-ho Chung Project Area: 6 900sqm Location: Jeju, Korea Website: Poly.m.ur shares with us their project for the Saemangum Exhibition Center, having in mind the location the architects have simulated the volcanic landscape of Jeju island. For more images and architects description […] More

  • Saemangum Exhibition Center by poly.m.ur

    Project: Saemangum Exhibition Center Designed by poly.m.ur Location: Buan, Korea Website: Unusual concept gives the impressive results for Saemangum Exhibition Center proposal by poly.m.ur practice. For more continue after the jump: More