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  • Casa Periscopio by PRAUD

    Project: Casa Periscopio Designed by PRAUD Location: Boulevard Costa del Sol, El Salvador Website: The beautifully designed Casa Periscopio family home project is shaped for a location in El Salvador by PRAUD architecture studio. More

  • Social Community Center by PRAUD

    Project: Social Community Center Designed by PRAUD Team: Dongwoo Yim, Rafael Luna, Jihyun Park Area: 15 400 m2   Location: Sejong City, South Korea Website: PRAUD designs a solution for a modern Social Cummunity center in South Korean city of Sejong, the studio's name stands for Progressive Research on Architecture, Urbanism and Design. Discover more of the project after the jump: More

  • Urban Intervention in Seattle by Praud

    Project: Urban Intervention in Seattle Designed by Praud Team: Dongwoo Yim + Rafael Luna Location: Seattle, USA  Website: Dongwoo Yim + Rafael Luna share with us their design of Urban Intervention project created for a location in Seattle, in a refreshing way they create a dialog between park and the city. Discover more of their project after the […] More

  • The Harlem Edge by Praud

    Project: ENYA Competition – The Harlem Edge  Designed by Praud Team: Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim  Area: 2 475 m2 Location: West Harlem, Manhattan, New York , USA Website: The Harlem Edge is a weather adjustable design for ENYA competition created by Praud, to find out how it actually works continue after the jump: More

  • Hotel Liesma by Praud

    Project: Hotel Liesma  Designed by Praud Project Team: Dongwoo Yim, Rafael Luna, Emily Ko Site Area: 15,000 sqm Project Floor Area: 10,300 sqm Location: Jurmala, Latvia Website: Praud creates the impressive design proposal for Hotel Liesma in Latvia, by elevating the main body of the structure park becomes an integral part of the project. For more images and architects description […] More

  • Busan Opera House by Praud

    Project: Busan Opera House Designed by Praud Team: Dongwoo Yim, Rafael Luna, Stacy Choi Location: Busan, South Korea Website: For the outstanding design of Opera House in South Korean city of Busan designers at Praud have created a truly multi-functional space of more than 50,000 square meters. For more images and architects description continue after the jump: More