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  • Aldo House by Prototype Design Lab

    Aldo House, an award-winning property located in Toronto, Canada, is built by Prototype Design Lab to be an oasis for busy entrepreneurs and their equally as busy family. The house is punctured by an atrium that runs the full length, topped with an equally long skylight. Light and natural elements play a huge part in the harmony of […] More

  • Northern Ontario Lodge by Prototype Design Lab

    Prototype Design Lab shares with us their latest design shaped for a lodge in Northern Ontario (in McKellar), the Manitou Lodge. The team shaped the design as a family retreat, for a family that loves to entertain, cook and eat. Since the family is to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, Prototype Design Lab creatives have made […] More

  • Fritzy’s a Frozen Yogurt and Bulk Candy Shop by PrototypeDesignLab

    Project: Fritzy's a Frozen Yogurt and Bulk Candy Shop Designed by PrototypeDesignLab Total Floor Area: 800 sqf Location: Toronto, Canada Website: Check out the solution for Fritzy's Frozen Yogurt and Bulk Candy Shop in Toronto, Canada by PrototypeDesignLab designers who shared with us their engaging design. For more images as well as the architects' description continue after the jump: More

  • Berani Jewellery by PrototypeDesignLab

    Project: Berani Jewellery Designed by PrototypeDesignLab Total Floor Area: 1 000 sqf Location: Toronto, Canada Website: Canadian practice Prototype Design Lab shares with us their sophisticated project for Berani Jewellery store in Toronto.  More