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  • Habitat ITESM Leon by SHINE Architecture + TAarquitectura

    Project: Habitat ITESM Leon – Tec de Monterrey’s Campus Designed by SHINE Architecture + TAarquitectura Project Team: Salvador Ferreiro, Minche Mena, Michael Smith, Ruben Vazquez, Jose Zermeno, "SHINE Architecture" Renders, Scale Models, Drawing Credits: SHINE Architecture Photo Credits: SHINE Architecture Area: 1180 m2 [12,701 sq. ft.] Location: Leon, Mexico Website: & SHINE Architecture shares with us their collaboration with TAarquitectura […] More

  • Disaster Prevention and Education Centre by Shine Architecture

    Project: Disaster Prevention and Education Centre Designed by Shine Architecture Project Credits: Michael Smith, Minche Mena, Ruben Vazquez, Jose Zermeno, “Shine Architecture” Client: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Location: Istanbul, Turkey Website: Talented creatives at Shine Architecture create their proposal design for the much talked about Disaster Prevention and Education Centre in Istanbul. More