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  • Diesel Living at Milan Design Week 24

    Diesel Living made a striking return to Milan Design Week, setting the stage for an immersive lifestyle experience that captivated visitors with its bold application of iconic Diesel red and silver. Located in the heart of Milan’s Brera district, the conceptual showroom, known as the Red Takeover and Silver Dome, served as an example of […] More

  • LOEWE’s Stunning Lamp Collection at Salone del Mobile 2024

    LOEWE is set to impress at Salone del Mobile 2024 with its most ambitious collection to date, featuring a stunning array of lamps crafted by 24 internationally renowned artists. The presentation, entitled “LOEWE Lamps,” will showcase floor, table, and suspended lamps in Palazzo Citterio from April 15 to 21, 2024. Each lamp is a unique […] More

  • Puigmigliore Arkw Lamp: Where Form Meets Function

    Puigmigliore ‘s Arkw lamp presents a combination of structural innovation and natural inspiration, encapsulating the essence of the arch in an architecturally engaging manner. At the core of their lamp design lies a basic arch-shaped structure, carefully repeated at varying scales, echoing the intricate patterns found in fractal configurations. This approach infuses the lamp with […] More

  • JEFFREY Lamp: +kouple’s Eco-Friendly Lighting Solution

    The JEFFREY lamp by +kouple represents a revolutionary blend of modern design and eco-conscious innovation. Crafted by designer Dan Vakhrameyev, this lamp offers aesthetically pleasing illumination and also incorporates sound-absorbing capabilities, courtesy of recycled PET felt. Through a partnership with Re:Quiet, the lamp aims to minimize noise reverberation in office spaces or open-concept living areas, […] More

  • SLT Design’s Reworking of JASON WU Brand Experience

    SLT Design emerges as a dynamic architectural firm based in Shanghai, spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Chen Lin since its inception in 2013. Renowned for its multifaceted approach to design, the firm has established a robust reputation in the realms of commercial interior design, architectural innovation, and brand strategy consulting. With a diverse portfolio […] More

  • Buyers Guide: LED Shop Lights

    A led shop light is a high bay light used in workshops, that provide illumination levels required for performing detailed work. They come in round or rectangle shape, they are typically hung on chain, and tend to be brighter than most lights. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications like garages, workshops and […] More

  • How to Mount an Architect Lamp Rapidly

    Architect lamps were especially popular during the periods when architects worked with blueprints and typically needed to spend hours at a desk. These days, because of available technology, architects spend much less time perfecting blueprints on a desk. Even with the transition of architects from desks to computers, architect lamp are still very relevant till […] More

  • The Importance of Lighting and Ambiance in Hotel Rooms

    A hotel room can be cozy, warm and inviting or it can be dingy and cold, all based on the lighting. For hotels that want to create the right ambiance for their guests, lighting is a central focus of that. New advances in LED lighting, specifically, make it possible to completely change the look and […] More

  • Why Lighting is Crucial for Hotels

    When designing the interior of a hotel, there are many things to consider, including branding and practicality. While styling will vary greatly depending on budget, audience and hotel rating, lighting should be one of the most crucial considerations for designers and hoteliers. Lighting is important for numerous reasons, from being functional to impacting the overall […] More

  • Southern Flame by Willowlamp

    Willowlamp partnered up with South Africa’s top platform for collectible design, Southern Guild, to showcase Creative Director, Adam Hoets latest piece – Southern Flame. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Hoop lamp by Front

    Hoop lamp by Front

    Front has designed the Hoop Lamp for design brand Zero, which features brightly coloured metal strands that support a globe-shaped diffuser that appears to rest at the bottom of a metal frame. Take a look at the complete story below. More

  • The Best Kids Lighting Solutions

    Kids learn to be responsible and independent when they move to their own room – now they are in charge for cleaning and maintaining everything in the proper order (in reasonable limits, of course). Parents’ goal is to make a kid’s room safe, comfortable and good-looking. From that point lighting seems to be a crucial […] More

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