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  • Casa AS by Mário Alves: Nature Meets Modern Design

    Photographs by Ivo Tavares capture the essence of a single-family house designed by architect Mário Alves, situated on an isolated plot with a slight slope. The project’s design is deeply influenced by the characteristics of the land, leveraging its excellent sun exposure, open views, and the natural skyline created by the surrounding vegetation. The house […] More

  • Casa de Sintra: Functional Elegance by Tsou Arquitectos

    Casa de Sintra, situated within the serene wilderness of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, has undergone a transformative renovation led by Tsou Arquitectos. The original house featured small compartments and a narrow distribution corridor, with tight access to the attic that did not contribute to the overall living experience. This project aimed to optimize space management […] More

  • Horizon Harmony: Building Embraces Dunes

    In the picturesque coastal town of Ilhavo, Portugal, a striking building stands out, blending with the natural landscape while exuding modern elegance. Spearheaded by main architect Mário Alves and captured through the lens of photographer Ivo Tavares, this project stands as an example to harmonious integration between built environment and natural surroundings. Situated at the […] More

  • Saramagal House by Estúdio AMATAM

    Saramagal House, crafted by Estúdio AMATAM, rises as a symbol of contemporary design within a suburban landscape on the outskirts of Lisbon. Originating from an empty lot in a neighborhood devoid of a distinct identity, the project signifies a metamorphosis without disrupting its surroundings. The architects embraced the responsibility of enhancing the urban fabric and […] More

  • Lopes da Costa Designs Lourosa-Fiães Transport Hub

    The Interface de Transportes Lourosa – Fiães by Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa stands as an example  to efficient and thoughtful urban planning, situated strategically on a spacious 11,500m2 plot of land bordering the parishes of Lourosa and Fiães. Designed with user convenience and safety in mind, the layout comprises a generous parking and manoeuvring […] More

  • Paulo Moreira’s Casa Cedofeita: A Modern Classic

    At the core of Porto’s vibrant downtown, an old bourgeois building, Casa Cedofeita, has undergone a stunning transformation into a five-bedroom residence. This ambitious project by Paulo Moreira Architectures seamlessly blends two distinct dimensions: a careful restoration of the original structure using traditional materials and techniques, and the introduction of innovative wooden volumes to accommodate […] More

  • Nelson Resende

    House in Ovar Renovation by Architect Nelson Resende

    Architect Nelson Resende renovated this old house in Ovar, Portugal, that has been in an advanced state of degradation and gave it a new life, turning it into a family house with new uses and new spaces. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More