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  • Footbridge in Příbor by Petr Tej, Marek Blank & Jan Mourek

    Footbridge in Příbor by Petr Tej, Marek Blank & Jan Mourek

    Petr Tej, Marek Blank and Jan Mourek, a team of architects and bridge engineers, designed a unique ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete footbridge – a minimalist object made of perfect material. Simple geometry and absence of unnecessary details evoke an archetype – a stone laid over the water as an oldest form of a bridge. […] More

  • Glass Bridge in Huangchuan Three Gorges Scenic Area by UAD

    The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co., Ltd. (UAD) designed this stunning glass bridge in Jiubei Town, China. The suspended glass bridge spans the cliffs, and overlooks the largest cluster of waterfalls in Northern Guangdong. Like a dragon that soars into the sky, it harmoniously coexists with nature. Take a look at […] More

  • UHPC Bridge by Aoc architects and Klokner Institute

    Bridge over the Dřetovice stream by Ondřej Císler and Petr Tej

    Architect Ondřej Císler and Petr Tej, an architect and a construction engineer, designed a bridge made of black Ultra-High Performance Concrete that explores the limits of lightweightness and subtlety of a pedestrian bridge. Conceived as a portal between the world of the living and the dead, or a numinous object from the Space Odyssey, the […] More

  • Under the Bridge by visiondivision

    With a minimal intervention, visiondivision proposes to create a pedestrian walkway on the concrete vault of a bridge in Stockholm to dramatically shorten the time needed to walk between the city and its western suburbs and thereby also activating a large unused space in the city, making it an attractive place full of new potential. More

  • Twisted Valley by Grupo Aranea

    Grupo Aranea practice had designed in the Twisted Valley new pedestrian bridge. The Twisted Valley aims to recover the pedestrian’s traffic footprint. For more images and architects' description continue after the jump. More

  • OMA wins competition to design Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc in Bordeaux

    Internationally renowned architecture studio OMA has won the international competition to design the Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc, the sixth bridge across the river Garonne in Bordeaux and the first bridge design to be realized by OMA. The selection committee included the mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé; completion is scheduled for 2018. More

  • Salford Meadows Bridge by Avery Associates Architects

    Avery Associates Architects, a London-based architectural firm, share with us their proposal of the international design competition for the much talked about Salford Meadows Bridge. The structural strategy of the proposal for the bridge takes its inspiration from one of natureʼs structural solutions: the stem of a palm leaf. More

  • Salford Meadows Bridge by STANDARD Architecture

    STANDARD practice has designed a proposal for the international competition the New Salford Meadows Bridge. For more images and architects' description continue after the jump. More

  • Miraflores-Barranco Pedestrian Bridge by OOIIO Architecture

    This pedestrian bridge shaped to bring Miraflores and Barranco, two thriving districts of Lima together is created as a landscape jewel of Peru's capital.  Design comes from the drawing board of the noted OOIIO architects. For more images and description read after the jump: More

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