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  • Urban Development Nya Årstafältet by Erik Giudice Architects

    Project: Urban Development Nya Årstafältet Stockholm Designed by Erik Giudice Architects Architects and Planners: ARCHI 5 (Laurent Boudrillet, Thomas Dryjski, Erik Giudice, Bernard Guillien and Jacques Sebbag) and Archi5prod Landscape Architect: Michel Desvigne Sustainability Consultants: Elioth_ Iosis Group Client: City of Stockholm through the City Planning and Development Administration New Neighborhoods: 30 ha Landscape Park: 50 ha New Constructions: 600 000 […] More

  • Beton Hala Waterfront by Erik Giudice Architects

    Project: Beton Hala Waterfront Location: Belgrade, Serbia Designed by Erik Giudice Architects Website: Erik Giudice Architects has a very unique approach for the design of Beton Hala Waterfront in Belgrade, they insisted on the sentiment of transparency. More