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  • Noor Tower by Kamvari Architects

    Project: Noor Tower Designed by Kamvari Architects Project Director: Omid Kamvari Project Team: Nikoletta Poulimeni , Mehrad Mahnia ,Nazanin Behboodikhah, Maryam Mivehchi, Mona Mirzaie   Location: Tehran, Iran Website: The impressive Noor Tower design is coming our way from Kamvari Architects studio,  this high-rise proposal design is shaped for a location in the Iranian capital of Tehran. Discover more images […] More

  • Ljubljana Library by Kamvari Architects

    Project: Ljubljana Library  Designed by Kamvari Architects Project Director: Omid Kamvari, Wolfgang Frese Project Team: Nikoletta Poulimeni, Fraser Leach_Smith, Yasaman Mousavi, Nazanin Behboodikhah, Sharareh Khodabakhsh, Mona Mirzaie, Mehrad Mahnia  Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia  Website: Kamvari Architects are sharing with us their design for National and University Library NUK II in Ljubljana, their contemporary design comes with an undeniable signature of a landmark […] More

  • Green Catalyst Residential by Kamvari Architects

    Project: Green Catalyst Designed by Kamvari Architects Location: Tehran, Iran Website: Exploring a fresh concept in architecture Kamvari Architects change our views through their design of Green Catalyst. Instead of reducing the green space with population increase, they manage to accomplish the exact opposite. Discover more after the jump: More

  • “The Rink” Pedestrian Bridge by Kamvari Architects

    Project: "The Rink" Pedestrian Bridge Designed by Kamvari Architects Project Director: Omid Kamvari Project Team: Nikoletta Poulimeni, Fraser Leach-Smith, Nazanin Behboodikhah, Mona Mirzaie, Shiva Jabarnia  Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlans Website: Pedestrian Bridge proposal design for a location in Amsterdam coming from the Kamvari Architects studio. Discover the rest of the project along with architects description after the jump: More