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  • GSO Nürnberg Information Centre by Studio DMTW

    Project: GSO Nürnberg Information Centre Designed by Studio DMTW Project Team: Marc Anton Dahmen, Maximilian Schmitz, Mint Penpisuth Wallace, Simina Dron Size: 8.700 sqm Location: Nürnberg, Germany Website: Impressive design of the GSO Nürnberg Information Centre comes from the drawing board of Studio DMTW architects. For more images as well as the architects' description continue after the jump:  More

  • Lausanne Planetarium by Marc Anton Dahmen + Studio DMTW

    Project: Lausanne Planetarium Designed by Marc Anton Dahmen + Studio DMTW Credits: Marc Anton Dahmen, Maximilian Schmitz, Bettina Lemoine and Mint Penpisuth Wallace Size: 4 800 sqm  Location: Lausanne, Switzerland   Website: Lausanne Planetarium in Switzerland designed by Marc Anton Dahmen and Studio DMTW is imagined as a placed devoted to showing and sharing science. Discover more of the project […] More

  • Hippodrome de Longchamp by Marc Anton Dahmen & Studio DMTW

    Project: Hippodrome de Longchamp Designed by Marc Anton Dahmen & Studio DMTW Project Team: Marc Anton Dahmen, Ulrich Merres, Maximilian Schmitz, Bettina Lemoine, Laura Kell, Mint Penpisuth Wallace Collaboration: Tilke & Partners Location: Paris, France Website: & Tilke & Partners takes the sentiment of contemporary while delivering their proposal design for the renovation and extension of the famed Hippodrome de Longchamp in Paris. […] More