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  • PPT Interiorismo Transforms Salamanca with Vibrant Cabrón Restaurant

    PPT Interiorismo has brought a fresh burst of life to Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood with its interior design project for the new Mexican restaurant, Cabrón. This vibrant, two-storey eatery has quickly become a local hotspot, offering a casual atmosphere where patrons can savor delicious tacos and an extensive cocktail menu. Cabrón’s design reflects Mexican culture in […] More

  • SuperChina by Rudy Guénaire: Paris’s Unique Self-Service Chinese Spot

      SuperChina, Paris’s first home-made Chinese self-service restaurant, is revolutionizing the dining landscape with its innovative design by Rudy Guénaire. This establishment takes customers on a nostalgic journey, blending childhood memories with contemporary aesthetics. Conceived as a small vessel, SuperChina’s design invites customers to experience a blend of past and present through its unique, immersive […] More

  • ōkta Restaurant: Where Food and Atmosphere Unite

    Michelin-star chef Matthew Lightner presents his latest restaurant- ōkta, nestled in McMinnville, Oregon. Designed by Hacker Architects, ōkta offers a  blend of exceptional cuisine and captivating atmosphere, crafting an unforgettable dining journey for every guest. Located in the historic downtown district, ōkta exudes a refined yet welcoming ambiance that reflects the essence of the Willamette […] More

  • Waterworks Food Hall: Culinary Haven Opening June 2024

    Waterworks Food Hall, set to open its doors in June 2024, is poised to become one of Toronto’s most anticipated culinary destinations. Nestled within the vibrant King West neighborhood, this highly anticipated development promises to celebrate the city’s dynamic culinary scene within a beautifully restored heritage industrial building. Spearheaded by Woodcliffe Landmark Properties and MOD […] More

  • NOC Coffee meets Zen: AS Design’s Tranquil Oasis

    Award-winning project – NOC Coffee in Hong Kong, envisioned by AS Design founder Sam Sum offers a transformative experience, blending the elements of purification and stimulation through thoughtful design and aesthetic principles. Inspired by the serene landscapes of Japanese Karesansui gardens.  Sam Sum, the visionary behind AS Design, believes in the fusion of aesthetics and functionality, […] More

  • Cong Banquet: Crafted by Associate Interior Design

    Located in Liangzhu, Cong Banquet by Associate Interior Design combines tradition with innovation, paying homage to the ancient symbol of the Cong—a hollow piece of jade representing divine authority. This culinary sanctuary offers a  blend of fusion cuisine and architectural elegance, with its design inspired by the Cong’s shape, color, and significance. From the serene […] More

  • Zooco Presents ‘Brutalism over the Sea’ at Restaurant MMC

    The newly introduced Restaurant MMC, named Brutalism over the Sea, marks a bold architectural endeavor by the esteemed firm Zooco. Situated within the Cantabrian Maritime Museum complex in Santander, Spain, this project represents a striking fusion of contemporary design and historical context. Winner of the Architecture Masterprize 2023 award in the “Small Firm of Multidisciplinary […] More

  • Fusing Heritage and Modernity at Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine

      In June 2023, Wanwei partnered with IN.X to design the Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine restaurant located at the Wangfujing Department Store in Beijing. This marks another exploration of how Chengdu’s ancient traditions unite with the contemporary essence of the capital, Beijing, showcasing the fusion of regional delicacies and the vibrant atmosphere of […] More

  • Sustainable Materials Cafe Architecture

    Sustainable Materials Transforming Modern Café Architecture

    In today’s fast-paced world, modern café architecture is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by the increasing demand for sustainability and eco-conscious design. Café owners and architects are embracing innovative approaches that create inviting and aesthetically pleasing spaces and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. With that in mind, this article will discuss how […] More

  • Meet 11 Huayang Restaurant

    Meet 11 Huayang Restaurant Redefines Dining Experience with Timeless Arabesque Design

    Meet 11 Huayang Restaurant, situated in Phase II of Qingguo Lane, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, has unveiled a distinctive dining experience that combines traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. Covering an impressive 450 square meters, this gastronomic haven has been meticulously designed by Linkchance Architects, introducing a distinctive dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Architectural Dialogue […] More

  • LDH

    Mo Jasmine by LDH Architectural Design Firm

    In the heart of Beijing, LDH Architectural Design Firm has unveiled its latest project, “Mo Jasmine,” a 743-square-meter restaurant designed to encapsulate the timeless beauty and ambiance of jasmine. Chief Designer Liu Daohua, inspired by the pure and refined essence of the jasmine flower, has created a space that harmoniously blends elegance, fragrance, and tranquility. […] More

  • Tad Atelier

    Xã Café by Tad Atelier

    In the serene outskirts of Buon Ma Thuot, nestled within the C? Ebur commune, a remarkable project is making waves as it seamlessly integrates contemporary design with the traditional values of a close-knit community. Xã Café, designed by Tad Atelier, aims to preserve the local spirit while harmonizing with the rapid urbanization sweeping through the […] More

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