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PPT Interiorismo Transforms Salamanca with Vibrant Cabrón Restaurant

Cabrón: Where Mexican Culture Meets Contemporary Design in Salamanca

Photography by Enric Badrinas-PPT Interiorismo Transforms Salamanca with Vibrant Cabrón Restaurant

PPT Interiorismo has brought a fresh burst of life to Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood with its interior design project for the new Mexican restaurant, Cabrón. This vibrant, two-storey eatery has quickly become a local hotspot, offering a casual atmosphere where patrons can savor delicious tacos and an extensive cocktail menu. Cabrón’s design reflects Mexican culture in subtle, sophisticated ways, avoiding clichés while delivering an authentic experience.

Photography by Enric Badrinas

Interior designer Helena Puig of PPT Interiorismo explains, “We kept the simplicity of the strong, warm, and cheerful colors, as well as the various graphic landmarks that accompany the interior design.” From the moment you step in, the restaurant transports you to the essence of Mexico, eschewing overt themes and flags for a more genuine ambiance. Natural cacti and a monochrome orange-red palette evoke the vibrant spirit of the Mexican countryside.

Photography by Enric Badrinas

A striking contrast to the dominant orange is found in the bar area, which features bright ceramic tiles in Klein blue, highlighted by perimeter LED lighting. The seating arrangements cater to all preferences, with a mix of high and low chairs, stools, and benches. A large perimeter bench upholstered in ethnic fabrics, round tables with bold blue and white stripes, and contemporary chairs enhance the eclectic yet cohesive design. Additional tables with black marble surfaces add a touch of elegance to the space.

Photography by Enric Badrinas

Art plays a significant role in Cabrón’s interior. Custom-made posters by artist Tato Reppeto adorn the walls near the bar, featuring colorful and daring motifs that evoke the vibrant and rebellious spirit of Mexico. The area is dominated by a large group table, where a stainless steel surface contrasts with ethnic solid wood chairs and the warmth of a horizontal pendant lamp by Santa & Cole. This blend of materials and styles creates a dynamic and inviting environment.

Photography by Enric Badrinas

The basement of Cabrón offers a warm and bold retreat, compensating for the lack of natural light with strategic use of colored LED lighting. Rough, grey walls amplify the warm orange tones, and a bright methacrylate bar stands out as a focal point. The eclectic mix of furniture includes stainless steel pieces, black chairs, a red velvet bench, and vintage-style armchairs. The toilet area continues this vibrant theme with a strong pink monochrome design, featuring a large mural by Tato Reppeto and a neon sign that promises fun, Instagram-worthy photos for patrons.

Cabrón’s bold and imaginative design is complemented by the work of Melón Yubari studio, who created the restaurant’s graphics and communications. The project was managed and advised by Anson & Bonet, a leading gastronomic consultancy in Madrid. Together, they have created a space that not only celebrates Mexican culture but also provides a unique and engaging dining experience for everyone who visits.

Client: Cabrón Restaurant

Interior design: PPT Interiorismo

Building company: G y C

Graphic design: Melon Yubari

Muralist: Tatto Reppetto

Gastronomic advice: Anson & Bonet

Images: Enric Badrinas


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