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    GREEN LIVING: The Trend for More Plant Life in Architecture

    Everywhere you look, there seem to be more plants and plant-related features embedded in the architecture of our cities and neighborhoods. For example, Brazilian visual artist Paze has presented an idea to reimagine old, neglected cemeteries into more lush, “greener” public spaces, with more plant life and biodiversity. Living, green walls (a concept first imagined […] More

  • Steps to Building an Environmentally Friendly Home

    If you are considering buying and building your own home, then there is a lot that you should take into consideration from all the planning and preparation to designing the look of your home and then decorating it. Since it is a lot of money to build your home, you want to make sure you […] More

  • Energy Efficient Materials for New Builds

    Climate change is an international concern and changing the way we construct, heat and power our buildings will be crucial in the fight against global warming. The world’s environmental experts, energy advisors, and construction industries are constantly looking for greener and more eco-friendly ways to build and insulate our buildings; and this search has unearthed […] More

  • Cielo Brings Environmental Construction Standards To Home Remodeling

    Cielo Construction Company working for more than two decades has always taken environmental construction standards seriously when it comes to home remodeling. The company today sets standards in the field of home renovation with their sustainable approach to handling such projects. The same standards are also implemented with their work on their projects from the ground […] More

  • Using The Right Construction Materials For A Hotel Build

    Taking on a project on the scale of a hotel is a challenge at any stage in an architect’s career. Given the costs involved and the additional difficulty likely to be occasioned when making repairs later if anything goes wrong, and given the sheer number of people who could be at risk if a serious […] More

  • Career Roles In The Design Industry

    If you want to be a designer, the first thing that you need to decide is where your strengths lie, and what you enjoy doing. Are you a dab hand at drawing, a whizz with scissors, or an expert when it comes to computers? Do you enjoy working with paper and pens, fabric, or something […] More

  • Circular Pavillon by Encore Heureux

    Encore Heureux designed the Circular Pavilion, a temporary building in Paris, made with recycled materials.It will host exhibitions, workshops, lectures and debates on the parvis de l’Hôtel de Vill. At the beginning of 2016, the pavilion will be dismantled and reinstalled permanently in Paris’ 14th district as a sports association’s clubhouse. More

  • Vectorworks Webinar: Inspirational Leadership & Celebrated Japanese Architects

    Register for Business of Creativity and Art in Architecture Let’s think about the practice of design and your efforts to stay creative. What drives you? What challenges you? Join us as we ignite your inspiration and uncover unexpected perspectives from luminaries who share our passion for the art and the business of design. EXPANDING THE […] More

  • Incorporating Eco Friendly Solutions into Home Design

    A common misconception about eco friendly design is that it is inherently neutral, lacking any sort of colour, flair and personality. However, the concept behind eco interiors has more to do with the composition, sustainability, renewability and authenticity of the source materials. Anything that is highly manufactured or produced in a way that is damaging […] More

  • Urban Cultivator Brings Home Farming To Life

    The idea is hardly groundbreaking, UV lights have been used for the same purpose for a long time yet Urban Cultivator has now reduced the idea to a simple kitchen appliance. Coming in various sizes, similar ton one of a fridge, washing machine or a dishwasher it is easy to install inside anybody’s kitchen. Allowing you to […] More

  • Eco Hotels – What Makes them so Green?

    You may be surprised to know this, but there are many eco hotels across the world, continuing to grow in popularity and number. As you might have guessed from their descriptive name, they are hotels which are designed and managed in a way which has a low impact on the environment. Equally, while staying at […] More

  • Green Living with Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

    Eco-homes have been a huge talking point in recent years and the UK Government’s Green Deal has sparked various upgrades in homes across the nation. From the uber-modern and minimalist style eco-home that can be built in six days to period properties getting the solar panel treatment, more and more homeowners are inclined to save […] More

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