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  • SOA Architekti + Ateliér KONCEPT: Revitalizing Aš’s Park of Memories

    The Park of Memories in Aš, designed by SOA architekti and Ateliér KONCEPT, represents a unique approach to urban revitalization, blending the geographical and symbolic elements of the area. This ambitious project seeks to revive the forgotten values of the past while guiding visitors through the city’s turbulent history. By using innovative design and technology, […] More

  • Consequence Forma Architects Revitalize Moravian Square Park

      The park on Moravian Square in Brno has emerged as a vibrant oasis, contrasting sharply with the city’s constant hustle and traffic. Designed by Consequence Forma Architects, this revitalized public space in Brno’s historic center integrates blue-green infrastructure, environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and community inclusivity, reflecting a comprehensive approach to urban renewal in the 21st […] More

  • “Zombie Tree”: Ulf Mejergren’s Visionary Art Installation in Storm-Torn Forest

    A couple running Esperöd Farm near Lilla Edet in southern Sweden contacted architect and artist Ulf Mejergren to explore the idea of creating a land art trail in their forest. Initially, they considered using leftover materials from a traditional log cabin they were constructing for the art. However, just a few weeks after their first […] More

  • Henning Larsen’s Klaksvík Row Club: A Modern Homage to Faroese Heritage

    Henning Larsen‘s urban vision for Klaksvík, the second-largest town in the Faroe Islands, comes to life with the creation of the Klaksvík Row Club—an example of both architectural innovation and Faroese sports heritage. Situated within a fjord, Klaksvík boasts stunning views and serves as a cultural hub for its 5,000 residents.  Rowing holds a significant […] More

  • Kengo Kuma’s MIRAI Design District

    Kengo Kuma once again captivates with the latest details of his inaugural mixed-use project in the United States, the MIRAI Design District in Miami. Embracing a philosophy deeply rooted in the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature, Kuma’s vision for MIRAI reflects a profound understanding of our innate connection to the environment. In response to […] More

  • Vincent Van Duysen’s V Pavilion: Bridging Architecture and Nature

      Vincent Van Duysen‘s V Pavilion epitomizes the interplay between interior and exterior spaces, facilitating a dynamic exchange between architectural design and the natural environment. This pioneering project encapsulates a vision of connectivity, wherein the man-made structures harmoniously coexist with the surrounding landscape, placing a strong emphasis on the significance of natural light and versatile, open […] More

  • Innovative Net Zero Housing Project by Brooks + Scarpa

      Brooks + Scarpa has recently completed an innovative architectural project in Santa Monica, California—1819 Pico. This development sets a new standard in sustainable and affordable housing, boasting a “Net Zero” design and LEED Platinum certification. Remarkably, it achieves a pEUI (partial energy use intensity) of 6.6, over 8 times more efficient than comparable buildings […] More

  • UNStudio’s Hybrid Approach for Luxembourg’s Kyklos Building

    UNStudio, in collaboration with HYP Architects, has been selected by Atenor and the Arhs group as the winning team in the competition to design the groundbreaking Kyklos building in Belval, Luxembourg. This initiative is part of the extensive Belval redevelopment project, which has revitalized a former industrial area into a vibrant urban hub comprising a […] More

  • Greater Dog Architects’ BRLOOTE Headquarters: A Masterpiece of Integrated Design and Sustainability

      The architecture envisioned for the BRLOOTE Headquarters embodies a harmonious integration with its surroundings, aiming to seamlessly blend into the existing environment while making a bold statement. Situated amidst the dynamic landscape of Shaoxing, the design by Greater Dog Architects considers the site’s characteristics and functional requirements. Through a tailored planning approach, the architects […] More

  • The Innovative Design of CERN’s B777 Building by Henning Larsen

    The B777 building represents a paradigm shift in architectural design, transcending traditional industrial and laboratory contexts to immerse itself harmoniously in nature. Selected through an international design competition, Henning Larsen‘s winning proposal crafts a ‘nature campus’ identity for CERN’s Prévessin Campus, situated on the France-Switzerland border. Positioned at the forest’s edge, the circular B777 structure […] More

  • The Seed Plaza Revolution by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

    In the heart of Jiaxing’s Nanhu District, a pioneering project emerges as a beacon of innovative design and a testament to the harmonious integration of architecture with nature. Seed Plaza, conceptualized and brought to life by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio, stands as a groundbreaking endeavor that redefines the conventional boundaries between the urban landscape and the […] More

  • green architecture

    GREEN LIVING: The Trend for More Plant Life in Architecture

    Everywhere you look, there seem to be more plants and plant-related features embedded in the architecture of our cities and neighborhoods. For example, Brazilian visual artist Paze has presented an idea to reimagine old, neglected cemeteries into more lush, “greener” public spaces, with more plant life and biodiversity. Living, green walls (a concept first imagined […] More

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