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  • Schemata Architects

    The Do-C Capsule Hotel by Schemata Architects

    Schemata Architects recently renovated the hotel interior of a capsule hotel in Tokyo. The architects transformed the aging capsule hotel into a modern, comfortable sleeping experience and brought it into the 21st century. More

  • Asymmetric House by SNARK x OUVI

    Talk about a good use of space, Japanese studios SNARK and OUVI designed a three story house in a mere space of 6×13 meters. The restricted nature of the plot – measuring six meters long and 13 meters wide, and with three-storey buildings on either side – prompted the architects to integrate ceiling voids, set […] More

  • Oeuf by Flat House

    Named after the egg-shaped plan of the central structure, Flat House designs a multi-purpose house – as a live-in art gallery and cafe for a young couple. The 80-square-metre space contains a cafe, art studio and double-height gallery on the public ground floor, and a bedroom, bathroom and terrace on the private upper floor. Continue below […] More

  • OH! House by Takeru Shoji Architects

    A white timber roof masks the upper storey of this Japanese house by Takeru Shoji Architects, but is raised on wooden stilts to reveal the pale timber facade of the lower level. Japanese firm Takeru Shoji Architects designed the two-bedroom wooden residence, named OH! House, for a family of four in a residential area of Niigata, Japan. The […] More

  • House in Miyake by Yoshio Ohno Architects

    Originally seen on Dezeen Photography by Kenji Masunaga. Yoshio Ohno Architects designed the 93-square-metre structure, named House in Miyake, for a site in Hiroshima, Japan. The one-bedroom home is built across a split-level site, which is separated by a four-metre-tall retaining wall. “Our thought was to use it as one site again. It was arranged so as […] More

  • HouseAA by Moca Architects

    Originally from Dezeen.   Moca Architects designed the two-storey family home, named HouseAA, for a plot in a residential area of Nara city, in the Kansai region of Japan. Two bedrooms are positioned across the lower floor of the property, accessed through a recessed wooden door, while an open-plan living space is located on the […] More