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  • Redwood Tribe: Shared Culinary Experience by Studio

    Redwood Tribe restaurant, located in the serene Hongqiyang Village, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, was once a local folk house, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. To the north are green rice fields, and to the south is a peaceful pond surrounded by tall dawn redwood trees. Despite the absence of foliage during the architects’ inaugural visit, the […] More

  • Cong Banquet: Crafted by Associate Interior Design

    Located in Liangzhu, Cong Banquet by Associate Interior Design combines tradition with innovation, paying homage to the ancient symbol of the Cong—a hollow piece of jade representing divine authority. This culinary sanctuary offers a  blend of fusion cuisine and architectural elegance, with its design inspired by the Cong’s shape, color, and significance. From the serene […] More

  • Zooco Presents ‘Brutalism over the Sea’ at Restaurant MMC

    The newly introduced Restaurant MMC, named Brutalism over the Sea, marks a bold architectural endeavor by the esteemed firm Zooco. Situated within the Cantabrian Maritime Museum complex in Santander, Spain, this project represents a striking fusion of contemporary design and historical context. Winner of the Architecture Masterprize 2023 award in the “Small Firm of Multidisciplinary […] More

  • HOOOLDESIGN’s Abandoned Office to Baking Factory Transformation

    The Tiana Cake project, spearheaded by the architecture firm HOOOLDESIGN under the leadership of Principal Architect Han Lei, embarked on a transformative journey to repurpose an abandoned office space into an efficient baking factory. Throughout the project’s duration, the team addressed two primary challenges: enabling the factory to accommodate both product manufacturing functions and reimagining […] More

  • Creating Culinary Fusion: The Story of T TIME by PaM Design Office

    T TIME, situated at 239 Andingmen Avenue in Beijing, stands out as a versatile culinary haven, offering patrons an array of gastronomic delights ranging from Yakitori to craft beer, alongside exclusive private dining options. The restaurant’s strategic location amidst the charming old courtyards and bustling new shops of the city creates a dynamic and inclusive […] More

  • Fusing Heritage and Modernity at Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine

      In June 2023, Wanwei partnered with IN.X to design the Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine restaurant located at the Wangfujing Department Store in Beijing. This marks another exploration of how Chengdu’s ancient traditions unite with the contemporary essence of the capital, Beijing, showcasing the fusion of regional delicacies and the vibrant atmosphere of […] More

  • Ting Feng Xie Restaurant by SALONE DEL SALON

    Design firm SALONE DEL SALON finished their project Ting Feng Xie Restaurant. Because of the bustling city nowadays it’s hard for people to find a quiet retreat so SALONE DEL SALON conceived a poetic and elegant dining environment for restaurant brand Ting Feng Xie. Here people can temporarily escape away from the hustle and bustle […] More

  • STUDIO8 designs GUD Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Hangzhou

      STUDIO8 was commissioned to design the architecture re-use, interior and visual identity for GUD Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. The restaurant & coctail bar is located in a heritage building from the 1930s in the central area of Hangzhou. Throughout the modern history of China, the villa was almost “eaten up” by the city from […] More

  • o.m.k take away & deli designed by BURO KLK

    Explore the newest project designed by BÜRO KLK Team. The new o.m.k take away & deli is the fourth collaboration between the Mochi Group and BÜRO KLK. The restaurant is located on one of Vienna’s oldest market squares in the premises of a former laundry service. The new o.m.k take away & deli does not […] More

  • Fish Restaurant CATCH by YoDezeen Studio

    YoDezeen Studio designed this striking light flooded restaurant interior located in the center of Kiev, Ukraine, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Michaelis Boyd

    Duddell’s Cantonese Restaurant by Michaelis Boyd

    London-based architecture and design practice Michaelis Boyd has designed Duddell’s, a fine-dining Cantonese restaurant, within the Grade II-listed St Thomas Church in London,England. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Latitude Studio

    Beanbar Cafè in Qingdao by Latitude Studio

    Latitude Studio designed this stunning Café interior located on the seaside of Qingdao, China  in 2014. The café aims to be open and accessible to both the one-day-tourist and the Qingdao resident. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

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