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  • Enlarge Your House With the Installation of a Bioclimatic Pergola

    Bioclimatic Pergola could be the best investment you have made in your own home, or to be exact outside of it. That said, a bioclimatic installed at the same place is to easily make the outdoors feel a part of your indoors.  ARCHISCENE Magazine Editors and resident architects discuss the benefits of having a bioclimatic […] More

  • Top Gadgets You Should Implement Into Your Home Design In 2018

    As we move further into the digital age, we are beginning to see more and more gadgets introduced into our homes. However, what gadgets are more beneficial than others? There are many gadgets available to us that we can install easily but what gadgets should you ensure to purchase? Read more after the jump: More

  • Modern Living Tips: Home Appliances, DIY Repairs & Service Engineers

    Maintaining domestic appliances is something many people overlook, until something goes wrong. The list of appliances we use on a daily basis includes cookers, washers and dryers, fridges and freezers, not forgetting microwave ovens. Devices with a heavy, daily workload are prone to malfunction at some time or other, so it pays to consult a […] More